Two years later, Matt Rhule finally gets the Temple job

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday December 17, 2012

Posted by: Chris Vannini on December 17, 2012

There were plenty of laughs and stories as Matt Rhule was introduced as Temple's head coach on Monday.

It started with athletic director Bill Bradshaw, who took a moment in his introduction of Rhule to point out the fans that gave their input in the search process.

"Our sincere appreciation for the 528 volunteer committee members for their 782 e-mails, voicemails, letters, unannounced office visits and telegrams recommending 238 candidates, six of whom are deceased," Bradshaw joked. "It was 309-and-a-half hours ago that Coach Addazio informed of about his new address (at Boston College). In that 309-and-a-half, I had 39 good hours of sleep in that time.

"I could have avoided a lot of this if I had listened to that great philosopher, Mr. Al Shrier (former SID and special assistant to the AD), who immediately came up to me when we heard the announcement that (Addazio) was leaving. He said, 'Bill, look at me.' He looks like Larry David when he looks in your eyes. He said. 'Hire Matt Rhule, Bill.'

Indeed, Rhule was hired. He was born in Pennsylvania and played linebacker at Penn State. He was an assistant at Temple from 2006-2011 under Al Golden and Steve Addazio, who was selected over Rhule for the head coaching job when Golden left. Rhule pointed that out during his introduction.

"I want to thank Bill Bradshaw for giving me this opportunity. He turned me down two years ago, and he was right," Rhule said. "He made the right decision two years ago. I wasn't ready then, but I'm ready now. I want to thank him and his staff because they've treated me with dignity and respect every step of the way."

Rhule spent this past season as the assistant offensive line coach with the New York Giants, whom he will stay with through the remainder of the NFL season.

The Owls had three straight winning seasons before going 4-7 this year. Rhule did make one comment about his staff.

"I want to go on an announce my first hire. Really important I say this," he said. "I want to announce that I'm going to hire Bryant Rhule (my 8-year-old son). He's going to be the official ball boy. We didn't tell Bryant that we had accepted this job until this morning when we got in the car.

"He had two questions. No. 1: What does a head coach do? I didn't have a great answer. No. 2: Are we going to get to see (the mascot) Hooter? We're going to get him to see Hooter today."



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