Norv Turner: I was thinking about taking a year off

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday January 24, 2013

Posted by: Chris Vannini on January 24, 2013

Norv Turner doesn't think it's a big deal that he's now working under a former staff member of his.

The new Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator had Rob Chudzinski on his staff with the San Diego Chargers. Now, the roles are reversed.

Turner explained to ESPN 850 that it has happened before with him.

"Mike (Nolan) worked for me in Washington and then I worked for him for a year with San Francisco," Turner said. "I understand people making a big deal out of it, but the way I've been brought up and the communication and the way you go about doing things, I think everyone understands their role.

"I've been an assistant before, I've been a coordinator before, you understand the role, you understand everyone's responsibility and you go do your job."

At 60 years old, Turner was thinking of taking some time off from coaching after being let go by the Chargers. He was in Hawaii when reports of him joining Chudzinski first came out. Turner explained why he got right back in the game.

"It's funny, because I told the people that I was closest to that I was going to take some time and really make sure I thought about this and get away," he said. "My wife and I actually went to Hawaii for 10 days and you're away from it and it seemed like I was away from it for a week and it seemed like I had been away from it for a month.

"You're affected differently, and I think I would have taken longer and I think what I was considering is I've seen some guys take a year off and feel good about it, but then this opportunity showed up. Rob (Chudzinski) was interviewing for the job and Rob called me and said, 'Hey, if this thing works out are you interested? Would you like to come and do this?'He told me 'I'm going to do everything I can to hire Scott,' my son, and so it really gave us something to think about.

"I think it was a unique situation. The combination of Rob, new ownership, new management and everything here is kind of starting new again and then I do believe it's going to be a good young team. It's a combination of things and I said 'hey it's a great opportunity and let's go, let's go do it."

You can listen to Turner's interview by clicking here.



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