Jon Gruden: 'I did see it coming'

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday January 17, 2013

Posted by: Chris Vannini on January 17, 2013

Jon Gruden says he saw the rise of young quarterbacks succeeding in the NFL coming.

The ESPN NFL analyst has held "Gruden's QB Camp" the past few offseasons, where he interviews and scouts quarterbacks before the NFL Draft.

While speaking with Duke basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski on SiriusXM College Sports Nation, Gruden explained that this boom is something he's never seen before.

"Things go in cycles, sometimes that oil well is spitting out a lot of gallons of oil," he said. "We've been pumping out quarterbacks from college football unlike I've ever seen before. But I did see it coming. Some special kids with incredible backgrounds.

"The game in college football is at a different level than it has been, and it allows some of these young players to come in and, not only start right away, but perform at a high level quickly. There's a number of them doing it right now."

As for why the quarterbacks are NFL-ready out of college, Gruden credits that to the increased responsibility they have in college.

"There's more plays being run than ever," he said. "Some of these college teams have 95 to 105 snaps in a game, because of the up-tempo, no-huddle express way they're playing. The game is in the quarterback's hands. They have multiple options on every snap. They can hand it, they can keep it, they can audible and that translation to the NFL game allows them to pick things up quickly.

"They're comfortable in the shotgun formation. It used to be you rarely saw a shotgun formation in college. Now it's rare you see a guy under center. But they're asking these quarterbacks to execute a number of different schemes.

"Just like a point guard in basketball, if you have a guy that can get rid of the ball and put it in somebody's hands that can make a play and make good decisions, a guy you trust that has experience, you want that guy on your football team. We've seen it with a number of kids in the last three years."

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