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Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday February 12, 2013

Posted by: Chris Vannini on February 12, 2013

Leading up to the Super Bowl, Jack Harbaugh was everywhere.

But after a game that featured a wild finish, a blackout and Ray Lewis riding off into the sunset, the father quickly returned to the background.

But he was recently on ESPN Radio on Chicago to relive the event.

"People talked about us, about what this means on this stage, two brothers competing for maybe the greatest prize in all of sport," Harbaugh said. "But for us, it wasn't much different from when they were five or six years old in the backyard, or playing catch, or trying to make the junior high team, or going out for the high school team, or finding out whether or not they'd have a chance to play in college.

"But it was just a part of the family, part of growing and parenting and being around your kids. For us, it was the thrill of being a part of it. The goal-line stand was fantastic, but it was just one part of the game. There were so many other things that you could look at, at being the difference between victory and defeat."

On that fourth-down play, some (including Jim Harbaugh) think 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree was held, though no flag was thrown. What did Jack think?

"Well I'm not going there as you can imagine. I refuse to get involved in that debate," he said. "It comes down to a play like that. That's maybe the play that will be most remembered, but in a game like that that goes for 60 minutes, there are so many plays that are going to swing it.  For me it's the great pride in John, the five years that he's been in the NFL and the journey that he took to get there, from the graduate assistant getting no pay at all.  The working all the different places that he worked, to see him on that stage accepting that trophy, Jackie and I were both filled with tremendous pride.

"And then, of course, Jim took a little different route with the 15 years in the NFL and then took the University of San Diego job. He worked himself to where he is, and to be down 28-6 and find a way to rally to get to that position down there on the goal line, so much pride in what he's been able to do with the San Francisco 49ers team, and it didn't just happen in this game, it's been a journey over the last two years in what he's been able to accomplish out there."

You can listen to Harbaugh's interview by clicking here. Below is the fourth-down play. What do you think?



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