Doug Marrone introduced: This is where I'm most comforable

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday January 07, 2013

Posted by: Chris Vannini on January 7, 2013

Doug Marrone is a New York guy.

He was born in the Bronx, played at Syracuse and later returned to coach there. He took the next step by accepting the head coaching job of the Buffalo Bills and was introduced on Monday.

"I'm not going to stand up here and say I've lived in this town and I know this town, but I feel this town," he said. "The core values here are one of the things that I look for. I love the people here. We're going to be proud of this organization. The comfort level thought this process, I have complete trust in (the organization).

"I think at the end of the day, to be successful, you have to be at the place where you're most comfortable. I'm most comfortable here in western New York, and I'm also comfortable working with these gentlemen."

His departure from his alma mater was a bit surprising to some. The school had previously said it had "solidified" his future at the school, but it didn't appear to be enough. (Syracuse is a private school, so the details don't have to be made public).

"I had said Syracuse was my dream job, and I meant that when I said it," he said. "Having the opportunity to restore the great tradition of Syracuse football made my dream a reality. ... Today I'm experiencing another dream come true.

"I moved on from Syracuse to be with this outstanding organization."

This isn't Marrone's first go-around in the NFL. After his professional playing career, he was the offensive line coach for the Jets from 2002-05 and the offensive coordinator for the Saints from 2006-08 before he returned to Syracuse.

As for his staff, Marrone would only say his coordinators will need to have NFL experience. His press conference in general wasn't very detailed. Marrone did say he takes offense when people say he's an offensive coach, but he certainly has something to prove.

"For me, I'm like a lot of people in this town," he said. "I'm just a kid from the Bronx. I had a dream to go play college football. No one really thought I'd be able to do that, and was able to do that. I had a dream to play in the NFL, and I was able to do that. I'm a big believer - and we try to do this with my children and when we talk to the inner-city kids - you have a dream. When you start your process of how you're going to work for it, those dreams, working hard and putting your nose down, all of a sudden, those dreams start to become a reality.

"For me, I don't know where that journey is or where it's leading. I know right now, there's an emphasis for me is to do the best job I can here. The one thing I am thinking about, when this (presser) is finished, I'm dying to go to work, because there's a lot of work to do."



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