Chip Kelly: 'We clicked right away when I met him'

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday February 21, 2013

Posted by: Chris Vannini on February 21, 2013

NFL reporters are continuing to realize Chip Kelly's unique way of talking with the press.

Kelly spoke at the NFL Combine on Thursday, and when asked about changing his offense, Kelly was quick to clarify comments he did or didn't make and said his offense is always open to change.

"I said Nick Foles has a skill set where it's our job, if he's our quarterback, to put him in a position to make plays," Kelly said. "Same with Michael Vick. ... Would we have to revamp the offense? You always do that, no matter who your quarterback is. I don't think it's revamp the system. It's not like we're going to throw our offense out and put in another one.

"But obviously, one player throws certain routes better than another player. One person does a better job with checks with me the line of scrimmage. That's what every coach does. I don't think anybody runs the same exact playcall sheet with their first quarterback, second or whomever. You adjust it to personnel."

Kelly was asked if he talked with Bill Belichick before accepting the job with the Eagles. Kelly is from New Hampshire and has coached in the Northeast, so he has a relationship with Belichick, but Kelly said it didn't have anything to do with the Eagles job.

"I'm from New England, so I spent a lot of time going down as a coach when they opened up practice for college coaches to come down and visit and ask questions," Kelly said. "But I didn't talk to Coach about coming to the NFL. I didn't talk to Coach about what to expect in my first season. He's one of the iconic coaches in this profession, and his record speaks for itself. When you're around people like that, you do a lot more listening than you do talking."

Kelly was also asked about offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. The former Cleveland Browns head coach's offensive background is much different from Kelly's, but Kelly described the hire as a perfect fit.

"When I met Pat, we seem to hit it off right away," Kelly said. "He's extremely intelligent, very well-thought-out, very detail-oriented. Have a lot of similar philosophies in the passing game and the running game. The best way I set about putting our whole staff together is it was just a good fit. There were a lot of really qualified candidates, but it just seemed like we clicked right away when I got a chance to meet him.

"The fact he had been a head coach in this league, to have a guy in the office next door to yours to be able to run things buy him - did this ever come up when you were sitting in that chair - he's been fantastic. We've been together for about three weeks and really just putting things together - his thoughts, my thoughts, and all of our guys on the offensive side of the ball. When we meet, we've had very productive meetings on just getting some thoughts on paper and put together a playbook."



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