Bryan Harsin opens presser with, "HOWL, YES!"

Posted by: Pete Roussel on Wednesday December 12, 2012

The Arkansas State administration makes it look so easy.  There wasn't much hesitation in hiring Hugh Freeze, Gus Malzahn, or Bryan Harsin.

Arkansas State president Chuck Welch said, "We walked out of that room with him and we got on the plane, and we knew we didn't need to go anywhere else.  It happened fast because we found our guy and we made it happen."

Today, the Arkansas State Red Wolves introduced their new head coach Bryan Harsin, who opened his speech with a classic line.

"Let me just say this... HOWL YES," said Harsin, with a big fist high in the air.

The crowd erupted.

You can see details of Harsin's contract on the Coaching Search Ticker.

President Chuch Welch describe reaching a decision, "I think it was in about 10 minutes.  We asked coach to talk about himself.  He talked about his family right out of the gate and then he talked about his Boise State experience and what he learned there and how he played for three coaches.  And then he talked about they build that system and the lean days and the vision and what it took to get through that.  It was as if he was talking about Arkansas State at this very moment."

Harsin, who will not coach for Texas in the Alamo Bowl, expressed tremendous gratitude with for Mack Brown and Chris Petersen.

He said, "Having spent the amount of time we did at Boise, I under the blueprint of what we did there."

"I am all about the process."

Arkansas State's 2013 season-open has yet to be determined.  In week 2, the Red Wolves travel to Auburn to face former Arkansas State head coach Gus Malzahn.

Athletic director Terry Mohajir was asked if Harsin's buyout was bigger than Malzahn's.

"Yes," Mohajir swiftly said with a smile.

"His reps tried to negotiate, but it wasn't negotiable," Mohajir happily stated.

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