Brady Hoke: The SEC isn't the only conference with good football

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday June 19, 2013

Posted by: Chris Vannini on June 19, 2013

Brady Hoke has a lot of pride in Michigan, but that goes for the Big Ten as well.

Hoke joined 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland and was asked about Big Ten perception. Specifically, if it's better for the conference when Michigan and Ohio State are near the top.

Hoke replied by saying he wants everyone in the conference to do well.

"We all have that pride in the conference we represent," he said. "You look at Bo Pelini and Nebraska over the last three years, Wisconsin, what they've done over the course of some time, Penn State is a team I have the utmost respect for Bill O'Brien as a man and as a football coach. All the teams are working hard. Northwestern and Iowa in our division are always a problem for us. Obviously Mark Dantonio and what they've done at Michigan State.

"When you look at the conference, I think people get a little overly zealous when they think the SEC is where they play football. When you look at the track record of the Big Ten, they play awfully good football."

When talking about the future of the Big Ten, people point to recruiting rankings, where a great class nationally doesn't necessarily mean it's great relative to the rest of the SEC. A few months ago, we looked at where first-round picks are coming from, and it's not a surprise most are coming from the South.

The Big Ten is at a disadvantage by not having fertile recruiting grounds, but Hoke still thinks conference schools are doing well with what they have and what they're looking for.

"I really believe in this conference, and everyone has to recruit the way they need to recruit for their school," he said. "It's all different. There are some that may have some things that they're very proud of and may be a little better in some people's eyes. But you look at the recruiting that Minnesota, Jerry Kill and his staff have done. It's an amazing conference of coaches that work awfully hard."

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