Bill Snyder explains why he turned down the NFL

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday January 03, 2013

Posted by: Chris Vannini on January 3, 2013

Bill Snyder has been in Chip Kelly's shoes.

The Oregon coach reportedly is set to interview with some NFL teams over the weekend, though he won't comment on it.

His opponent in the Fiesta Bowl, Snyder, was asked if he thought about how he'd fare in the NFL, and the Kansas State coach said he's been in the position to turn down offers, though when he was much younger.

"Well, opportunities in my first tenure here, there were a number of those that came about," he said. "I responded to none of them other than to say, 'No, thank you.' My feeling is that it's such a different environment, you really don't have the capacity to have the kind of impact that you would like to have on young people. I always said, I'm not sure I want to work someplace where the people you're supposed to have control over make more money than you do.

"That's kind of the way the NFL is. We've had a large number, whether I was at Iowa or here, a large number of guys go to the NFL. You get stories back from players in the NFL.  Sometimes you wonder who really is in control. I don't think it's a comfortable position ‑ at least it wouldn't be for me, because I would like to make sure and feel comfortable, A, that I have an impact on the lives of young people and, B, that you have a fair degree of control over the program yourself."

As for Snyder's future, he has said he would like his son, special teams coordinator / associate head coach Sean Snyder, to replace him. The elder Snyder was asked about the transition, but didn't want to get into the issue before the bowl game.

"That's not something I'm going to get into right here," Bill Snyder said. "Nobody knows Kansas State's football program better than Sean does. He has been in it longer than I have. He knows it from top to bottom better than I do."



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