With spring finished, Jeff Brohm sends a message to Purdue players

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday April 18, 2017

Spring is in the books for Purdue, but new head coach Jeff Brohm says there are still a few players who haven’t bought in yet, and they need to make a decision.

Brohm recently joined Fox Sports Radio 975 to recap spring. The Boilermakers haven’t reached a bowl game since 2012, and no one on the team knows what winning in college is like, so he needs players willing to change that.

“Without question, there are more than a handful of guys that are ready to change the culture and find a way to scrap and be competitive and build some type of winning tradition,” he said. “I think that has been very good to see. The thing we’re dealing with right now is there is still probably 5-10 guys that are good young men that work hard, but I just don’t quite know if they’re willing to fight the fight.

“Sometimes, if you don’t have everybody buying in, a few select can bring things down. When things get rough for you and it’s not going not smoothly, they can somehow bring it down.”

So Brohm gave the players a message.

“Anybody that wants to come back after spring ball that wants to be a part has to understand that if you’re not willing to fight the fight, then feel free to move on and play somewhere else, if this isn’t the place for you,” he said. “We’ve got a lot of work to do, a lot of fight we have to find deep inside of us to pull out some wins.”

That doesn't mean booting guys, but attrition often happens with new head coaches.

Brohm won 30 games at Western Kentucky over the last three years, averaging more than 44 points per game in each year. The Boilermakers were No. 101 in scoring.He hopes to build a similar offense at Purdue, but that’s going to take some time. There are pieces he likes, but there could be changes from the WKU offense, because has to use what he has.

“This year, we may have to be creative,” he said. “Sure, I’d love to score a lot of points and throw the ball around, but that may not be our strength. We’re trying to identify, what are we good at? Who needs the ball in their hands? Who are our best players, and how can we get it to them? However that turns out, that’ll be how our offense looks.”

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