Muschamp explains why South Carolina has added yoga to workout program

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday May 03, 2017

As teams go through strenuous strength and conditioning workouts in the offseason, Will Muschamp's program has added something you don’t often associate with football: yoga.

More and more programs have added yoga to workouts as a tool for flexibility, body control and stretching. It’s something Muschamp wanted to do last year, but he moved spring up this year and can now fit it in.

“It’s all about lower body flexibility,” he said. “As a football player, especially on the defensive side of the ball, anybody that has to play in space, change of direction is essential to being able to be a good football player. When you have lower body stiffness, it’s hard to change direction.

“That’s something I wanted us to do a year ago. We never really got to do it. We’re able to do it this year, with more time. We finished spring so early, we were able to get three lifts a week with our team and use yoga twice a week.”

Muschamp said Gamecock players were skeptical, but are already feeling results.

“I think the guys, as first, weren’t really excited about it,” he said. “But all of them came to me afterward and said, ‘Coach, I’m really glad we did that, because it helped me.”

But the strength gains will be the most important part this offseason. Muschamp said before spring that the Gamecocks were a “soft” program last year, and they weren’t strong enough in the trenches. That works continues now.

“We’ve got to get stronger as a program,” Muschamp said. “That was something we knew when we came here. We made some strides in year one, and we’re starting to see the benefits of Jeff Dillman and his staff in year two.

“We’re going to have 45 scholarship players for May-mester (early May training). Some have some internships and things, and I’ll leave that up to the players, optional if they want to be here, but a lot of the guys wanted to be here, especially on both lines of scrimmage. So I’m excited about that.”

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