Will Muschamp: Under Nick Saban, I learned that's what good staffs do

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday May 17, 2017

Photo credit: USA Today Sports Images

Will Muschamp learned from Nick Saban to have coaches willing to speak up when they disagree.

Muschamp joined The Cube Show on Wednesday morning and was asked about bringing Travaris Robinson with him from Florida to Auburn to South Carolina as defensive coordinator. It was about having the same philosophy, but also not working as a Yes Man.

“He and I believe the same things defensively, as far as what we want to be,” Muschamp said. “Do we have our differences? Sure. It’s healthy for a staff to have good disagreements about what we want to do. At the end of the day, let’s agree to disagree, and let’s move forward in one direction. That’s what we do a lot. We’re very like-minded in evaluation of players, development and spring.

“When you see things alike and have healthy disagreements on what needs to happen, that happens with good staffs. When we were at LSU with Coach Saban, whether it was Jimbo Fisher, myself, there was great discussions, disagreements, that’s what good staffs do. As long as you’re on the same page when you walk out of the room, good things happen with you.”

Muschamp worked under Saban at LSU from 2001-04 and with the Dolphins in 2005. Cubelic said Saban will sometimes text assistants out of the blue to get their thoughts on an idea.

There’s one new assistant on the South Carolina staff in 2017. Offensive line coach Shawn Elliott became the Georgia State head coach, and Eric Wolford filled the role. Muschamp wants the same dynamic on his staff that he felt as an assistant under Saban.

“At the end of the day, I don’t want a bunch of Yes guys. We want to get in the room and have healthy discussions,” Muschamp said. “I don’t have all the answers. It’s something I learned from Nick. There were plenty of times he had something in his mind he wanted to do, and someone in the room brought up an idea to do it differently, and that’s one of the things Nick does a great job of, being flexible about things and able to change. ‘Maybe that is a better way to look at it.’

“There’s no doubt, being able to bring guys in the room that add substance to your program in whether it’s recruiting, public relations, football team preparation, to add those ideas is always good.”

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