Why Urban Meyer won't start training camp until a week after players report

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday July 25, 2017

Ohio State reports to camp this week, but Urban Meyer says training camp won’t actually start for another week.

The ban on two-a-days has extended fall camp for a lot of schools, including into July. But Meyer is worried about pushing players too much, so he’s treating the first days of fall camp like more summer workouts.

“I wish we would’ve went two-a-days without contact,” Meyer said on the Big Ten Netwok. “I think we’re going to get 28 practices, but we’re starting Thursday. Now we’re into July. That’s almost five weeks of training camp. That’s too much.

“We’re not officially calling it training camp until a week from Thursday. They’re going to come in and do just a basic extension of what we’ve been doing, with a ball, and get them out of there. There will be no meetings before practice. They’re going to take it home on their iPads. I do not want to have these players, three weeks from now, completely French fried. That’s too much.”

When players report later this week,, it’ll be a short workout, and that’s it. Meyer said research has shown a lot of injuries happen around the third for fourth practice in camp. That’s when you tweak a hamstring after time off. He’s going to take it slow early.

“The first day or two is an extension of spring practice,” he said. “They have handouts. We’re counting on the leaders to install it. It’s going to be very base. The only way I look at it is an extension of the offseason workout. You do the bags of drills. We’re going to do mini-field 7-on-7, a little bit against each other, and they’re out of there in an hour-and-a-half. They’re off for the weekend.”

Meyer does like that players are now required to have at least one full day off from football. He plans to give them more.

“The old days off, it’s a day off, but you’re in meetings for 12 hours,” he said. (Now) you’re not allowed to come in. At first, I was like, how are we going to do this? The more I look at it, the more I’m excited about it.”

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