Where every NFL head coach was 10 years ago

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday August 08, 2016

Last week, CoachingSearch looked at where all 129 FBS head coaches were 10 years ago. So what about the NFL?

The results aren’t as scattered, but you can still get there any way. Here’s where every NFL head coach was 10 years ago:

Nine were NFL head coaches back then, but only Marvin Lewis, Mike McCarthy, Bill Belichick and Sean Payton are still with the same team.

Six coaches were NFL coordinators, including Mike Zimmer, who coached from 1979-2013 before finally getting a head coaching job at 57 years old. John Harbaugh was the Eagles special teams coordinator for a decade. He added DB duties in 2007 and became the Ravens head coach in 2008.

Ten were NFL position coaches, and Adam Gase was an offensive assistant.

Four coaches were in college. Chip Kelly hadn’t even gotten to Oregon yet (he would in 2007). He was just an FCS assistant. Pete Carroll and Dirk Koetter were Pac-12 head coaches, and Carroll was on the back end of the dynasty he created at USC. Bill O’Brien was the offensive coordinator on a Duke team that went 0-12 in 2006. He joined the Patriots the next year.

Jay Gruden was an Arena League head coach, and Doug Pederson was a high school coach. Pederson was just in his second year as a coach overall. He joined the Eagles as a quality control assistant in 2009. Gruden won two Arena League titles. He wouldn’t get back into the NFL until 2011, and became the Redskins head coach in 2014.

Three coaches were on the 2006 Dolphins staff: Jason Garrett, Dan Quinn and Mike Mularkey. That team was led by Nick Saban, who was in his second and final year in Miami, before going to Alabama.

There’s no single path to becoming a head coach.

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