'We will gash their ass if they stay in that' - Watch Doug Pederson mic'd up

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday September 19, 2016

The Eagles have put out a six-minute video of head coach Doug Pederson mic’d up in last week’s game against the Browns, and it includes a detailed look at what it’s like to be a head coach.

It includes his conversations with players, coaches and even vice president Joe Biden. It was his first regular season game as an NFL head coach.

Talking over the headset, Pederson says, “That was single-high man. A lot of man? Love it. We will gash their ass if they stay in that.”

Before another play, he says, “We’re going to kick their ass right here.” He also calls a touchdown pass.

There’s a lot of feedback from players. Brent Celek notes the Browns are playing the stick, and Pederson replies, “I’ll remember that. Inside the 5.”

Quarterback Carson Wentz also gives his thoughts on looks, and Pederson asks what Wentz likes. That's a lot of trust for a rookie head coach and a rookie QB.

Take a look:

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