Wade Phillips was impressed by 31-year-old Sean McVay after 1 week

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday May 02, 2017

Photo credit: Getty Images

New Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is 69 years old, and he’s working for a 31-year-old head coach in Sean McVay. That has to feel a little weird, right?

“Obviously I don’t worry about age too much, or I wouldn’t be coaching,” Phillips said Tuesday on The Rich Eisen Show.

Phillips had been coaching for more than 15 years when McVay was born. But McVay made a strong impression when he first met Phillips, and that’s continued through the first few months of the offseason.

In one week, he knew every player on the team, could recognize them and say their name,” Phillips said. “I didn’t know all the coaches in a week. I couldn’t remember all them. He’s pretty fantastic, as far as his focus on football.”

Phillips was familiar with McVay through his son Wes, who was a Redskins assistant alongside McVay. Wade joked in February that the Rams now had a “DC on Medicare and HC in Daycare,” but he doesn’t look at McVay as a young coach, because McVay doesn’t handle himself as such.

“My son, Wes, coached with him with the Redskins and told me about him,” Wade said. “Then I met him, and I couldn’t be more impressed with a coach. It’s not a young coach, it’s a coach, the way he’s handled the team the first month or so, with the players.”

The Rams haven’t posted a winning record since 2003. It’ll be a process to build a winning team, but Phillips has the experience to help his head coach along the way.

“He knows football. That’s what I appreciated about him, especially offensive football,” Phillips said. “But he’ll sit in our defensive meetings with players and he can spout it off just like that, what we’re telling them.”

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