Urban Meyer: 'I don't watch much high school tape if it's a blowout'

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday October 27, 2016

If you want to send Urban Meyer recruiting tape, make sure it’s from the fourth quarter in a close game. He wants to see leadership.

Meyer spent a portion of his radio show Thursday talking about leadership in a program. That includes training for his staff, which he’s done for a few years now, but it also goes down to recruiting. Meyer wants answers from the high school coach.

“If a kid’s not a captain in high school, I try to ask, ‘What happened?’ The best player should be the captain, unless there’s something wrong,” Meyer said. “You also check what the high school coach says. The really good high school coaches and programs will tell you exactly what it is. It’s no different than when the pro scouts ask us.”

On the field, he wants to see big plays at the biggest times. That’s the tape that matters to him.

“How does he perform in the fourth quarter? How does he perform on 4th-and-2?” Meyer said. “I don’t even watch much high school video when they’re blowing teams out, because that doesn’t take a special person to do that. It takes a special person, when you’re down by 10 points, to go win that game, like you saw at Wisconsin, and follow up and get it down.”

That leadership has been tested for this year’s Buckeyes. Ohio State entered the year as the least-experienced team in the country. They have 30 true or redshirt freshmen playing.

Each game is a new experience for many of them. That includes their first loss last week.

“It’s new every time. Unfortunately, new was a loss,” Meyer said. “The schedule we’ve put them through, it toughens them up. They’re growing right before our eyes. I’m proud of them. I know we’re getting better. I know sometimes it’s hard to see, but we held the quarterback to 9-of-25. Just too many mistakes. We’ve got to fix them. … It’s a bunch of new guys, the attitude is good, and the future is bright.”

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