Tom Herman explains message to parents, defends hiring Baylor staffer

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Friday January 20, 2017

On Friday, Tom Herman addressed two issues that put him in recent headlines. 

Earlier in the week, the Austin American-Statesman reported Herman told parents not to talk to reporters and to stay positive on social media. Herman joined Horn FM on Friday and was asked if that’s a hard and fast rule.

“I love when the media and the families get to share the stories of their sons and the positive things that are happening through football and through being a part of the University of Texas football family,” Herman said. “My only advice was that, in order for us to achieve the things we say we’re going to achieve, we all have to be aligned and be part of this family, and our dirty laundry can’t be aired to the media or through social media.

“I just said, if you have any issues with your player or our program, call me or call your position coach and keep our family business within the family, because the only way to achieve excellence and championships is to be completely aligned and be as familial as possible.”

Herman also addressed the hire of former Baylor staffer Casey Horny. Horny was a graduate assistant at Texas alongside Herman way back, but he spent the past decade at Baylor, and he was part of a staff-wide tweet in the fall issuing support for Art Briles regarding the sexual assault scandal.

After Horny was hired, the tweet was brought back up, and it was later deleted. The school issued a statement of support for Horny while saying there is no tolerance for sexual assault. Herman also defended Horny.

“I’ve known Casey for 18 years. He’s a wonderful husband, a fantastic father to his daughters and a fantastic football mind,” Herman said. “He had some uninformed and regrettable tweets that he’s apologized for, and I’m fully confident he’s in alignment with what our vision is at Texas and will prove to be a very valuable member to our staff. We’ve moved on. He’s been trained here and at Baylor, and we feel extremely confident moving forward.”

Horny joins Kendal Briles and Phil Bennett as former Baylor staff members who have recently landed new jobs. Herman said Horny was fully vetted by Texas before he was hired.

He was vetted very rigorously through the athletic department and myself and my relationship with him,” Herman said. “I knew the vetting process would come up with nothing that would deter us from hiring him. I’m extremely excited. He’s one of the best young coaches in the country. A small bump in the road to have to vet all of that stuff out.

“At the end of the day, because you wear a green polo with a BU on it doesn’t mean you’re not given an opportunity to coach if you’ve been forthright in everything you’ve seen and done. Casey has passed all of those tests with flying colors.” 

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