The biggest reason Dabo demanded a slide in Clemson's football building

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday March 16, 2017

The fact that Clemson’s new football building has a slide looks like one of its many quirky features, but Dabo Swinney says there’s a real purpose to it.

He got the idea from watching the movie "The Internship" a few years ago, and there was a slide in the Google offices. With spring practice underway, Swinney uses the slide every day. He was dead serious about having it, because it always puts a smile on your face.

“We were meeting with architects and trying to get on the same page and getting my vision for what I wanted on paper, getting them to understand who I was and who Clemson was,” Swinney said Thursday on Sportscenter. “Clemson’s unique, it’s fun, it’s different. I wanted that building to be all of those things.

The very first day I met with them, I said, ‘I want to have a slide. I want to have something different, something fun.' They looked at me like I was crazy. I said, ‘A legit slide.’ I had seen it in a movie, and I thought that was pretty cool. It was just something I filed away a few years ago. Now it’s a fruition.”

It’s not for aesthetics. Everyone uses it. The reason? It’s hard not to be happy after you go down a slide.

“It’s a blast to watch our guys and the coaches,” Swinney said. “It’s how I go to work every day. I come down the hall, go down the slide right to the practice field. You can’t help but smile when you go down the slide, and you’re better than you were 10 seconds ago, because of your experience. It’s a great way.”

If there’s one thing Dabo Swinney has made his program about (aside from winning), it’s having fun. From the dancing to catchphrases, and now the slide.

The main lobby of Clemson’s building also features its two national championship trophies. There was a thought process on what should be there. The win over Alabama made it easy.

“We were going to move in in January, so we had a plan, what do we put in the middle? Something grand and nice,” Swinney said. “Well, that decision became real easy on Jan. 9. We had it ready to go Jan. 26 when we moved in.”

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