The 2 questions Phil Savage has about the Browns and the No. 1 pick

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday April 18, 2017

Will Myles Garrett go No. 1 in the NFL Draft to the Cleveland Browns or not? There are more factors than you might think.

Former Browns general manager Phil Savage provided some insight on Sportscenter on what goes into a pick, what coaches want, and how you balance that as a GM.

“Going back to 2007, when I was the GM of the Browns, we were at No. 3. We had decided Joe Thomas was going to be our pick at No. 3,” Savage said. “But the offensive coaches stormed the bastille two days before the draft and said, ‘No, we need to take Brady Quinn.’ I’m like, ‘No, guys. There’s a big disparity between Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn, so we’re going to stay true to our board and our beliefs and take the best player.’ That’s the debate the Browns are in right now.”

Thomas had a successful NFL career. The Browns ended up getting Quinn anyway at No. 22, but he didn't last long.

So how does that play into Myles Garrett? Well, what do the Browns want? And does Garrett fit?

“Coming out of the Combine, there’s no doubt Myles Garrett is the most talented player in the draft with a huge upside,” Savage said. “There are two questions for me, from a coaching standpoint. Hue Jackson was brought to Cleveland to fix the quarterback position. You would think he’d be eager to get his hands on a Mitchell Trubisky or Deshaun Watson. But supposedly, he’s in favor of taking Myles Garrett, which goes to my second question about coaching.

“Gregg Williams is the defensive coordinator now in Cleveland. Gregg Williams has his distinct style of coaching. Myles Garrett is going to be handled a check of $30 million guaranteed. He’s going to come in and get cussed like he’s never been cussed from day one. That’s a different deal. A lot of players don’t handle it well. So I think that’s the biggest question in my mind for Cleveland. Do they feel Myles Garrett can really reach his potential with Gregg Williams versus Mitch Trubisky reaching his potential with Hue Jackson?”

Williams’ propensity to cuss out his players was on display on Hard Knocks last fall.

The draft’s first day is April 27 in Philly. If the Browns don’t take Garrett, how much longer would he last on the board?

“10 more minutes,” Todd McShay said. “San Francisco (at No. 2).” 

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