'That's the only option' — Hugh Freeze's postgame speech and message

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday November 03, 2016

Ole Miss is 3-5 and has lost three straight games, so Hugh Freeze’s message to his team is to keep the positivity.

It started with his locker room speech after last week’s loss to Auburn.

“Here’s what we’re going to do: We’re going to get ready to win next week,” Freeze told the Rebels. “That’s the only option. I’m proud as punch of some of you tonight. Man, you fought a really good team. But what we’re going to do right now is let this one hurt, and it does, but you have got enough fight left in you to win every game you play.

“You are setting a legacy of how this team, the DNA of this team will leave this university. So we’re going to make good decisions tonight. You don’t let negativity define you. We’re going to come in tomorrow and start getting ready to go 1-0 next week.”

The message continued this week, and Freeze tweeted a video of him giving a speech about the Energy Bus to the Rebels.

Your positive energy and your vision must always be greater than anyone and everyone’s negativity. How about that coming up this week? It’s a good week for us to have that,” Freeze said. “Your confidence in who you are must always be greater than anyone and everyone’s doubts. It’s pretty fitting for this week, for where we are. Because if you can learn to practice those two things this week in the game of football, which in the big scheme of things, is not that important. It’s import to us, living it and our fans living and dying with wins and losses, but I want to tell you something more important: Something’s going to happen in your life with your wife, with your kids, your parents, your job, long after you’ve gone from here.

“And if you’ve learned this trait, that your positive energy and vision must always be greater than anyone’s negativity, and your confidence in who you are is greater than anyone’s doubts, it will pay dividends far beyond the game of football.”

The Rebels host Georgia Southern this Saturday and finish with at Texas A&M, at Vanderbilt and Mississippi State. 

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