7 notable quotes from Jeff Brohm's introduction at Purdue

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday December 05, 2016

Jeff Brohm was introduced as Purdue head coach on Monday and made it clear he wants to bring an exciting offense back to West Lafayette.

Brohm’s WKU offense averaged more than 44 points per game over the last two years. At a school once known as the Cradle of Quarterbacks and led by Drew Brees, it was a fit for Brohm.

It also includes an increased commitment from Purdue, who is giving Brohm a 6-year contract worth $20 million. There’s also a new football building under construction. Brohm was confident in that administrative commitment, which has been missing in the past.

Here were 7 notable quotes from Brohm’s introduction.

- After talking with Baylor and Cincinnati, why Purdue?

“Last year, some things happened and I had opportunities. I really wasn’t looking to leave. I’m not one of those types that wants to move around a lot and look for the next best spot. I want to believe in a place, stick with it and feel good about it. Purdue University, I’m familiar with it. I didn’t live too far away growing up. It has a history of developing quarterbacks, playing exciting football, it’s in an outstanding conference. I understand it’s hard its struggled recently, but that’s what they pay me for, to come in here and do my part and help bring this program up.”

- The quarterback is everything in Brohm’s program.

“It’s important to me to take care of the quarterback, wherever I’m the coach. If you’re doing that and putting him in position to succeed, your team is going to play better. Everything has to revolve around the quarterback. I kid our assistant coaches, I’m a former quarterback, the most sensitive people in every room are the quarterbacks, so you’ve got to make sure you know how to coach them, and each is different.”

- What does Brohm look for in a QB?

“Obviously leadership skills, toughness and the intangibles are important. When you’re recruiting them, you need to get to know them and what their makeup is. Do they really love football? Are they willing to go the extra mile? Are they a competitor? I love it when they play some other sports and they’re used to competing every day. Of course you look at the release, the motion, the athletic ability, all those things, but the intangibles are as important as anything.”

- The quarterback is No. 1, but the No. 2 thing Brohm wants is linemen on both sides.

“I believe you have to get the best linemen you can on offense and defense and can't have enough of them. I think some people sign too many skill guys and don’t have enough linemen. No, you have to have the linemen to win at a high level, on both sides. Skill positions you recruit, but there are a lot of those guys out there. If you get guys that want to be great, you can develop them, but that’s the map we’ll have to start off.”

- Playing for Howard Schnellenberger at Louisville taught Brohm a lesson about coaching.

“The No. 1 thing I learned from Coach Schnellenberger when I played for him was he was the master at getting his players to believe they could beat anybody when they took the field. He said some outlandish things — ‘We’re on a collision course with the national championship, the only variable is time’ — to the media. But because of it, his players believed we could beat anybody. You have to be able to coach the dynamics of a player’s personality and psyche.”

- Brohm is reportedly bringing Brian Brohm as co-offensive coordinator, but didn’t divulge anything about the staff.

“There are a couple key guys we’re going to find a way to get here. I’m going to make sure I talk to everybody here as well, not rush into anything too soon. There’s a lot of great coaches across the country. There are certain people I’m comfortable with.”

- Brohm’s first game as Purdue coach will be against Louisville in Indianapolis, and Brohm knows it.

“I did notice that. I was hoping the quarterback (Lamar Jackson) would come out early for them, but I don’t know if he can yet. That will be exciting. Louisville, I obviously know a lot about. They do a great job, have developed a tremendous program. That will be a great test for us.”

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