Photo: Alabama poster reminds players of final 2 losses

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday January 14, 2014

Alabama has its offseason motivation, in the form of a poster above every player’s locker.

After being perhaps mere feet away from reaching another BCS National Championship Game, Alabama heads into 2014 on a two-game losing streak after falling to Auburn and Oklahoma.

There is a poster above each player’s locker that reminds them. It has made the rounds on social media after appearing to start on Reddit, and the message is clear.

“If you continue to do the same thing that you have always done, you will get the same result. Guaranteed. 0-2.”

The poster also features the scores of the two losses and players from both teams.

After losing the Iron Bowl to Cam Newton and Auburn in 2010, posters that read “Never Again” went above the lockers. Last year, it was the Texas A&M logo throughout the weight room.

Nick Saban talked quite a bit this year about his team becoming complacent, and now he’s using the results as motivation.

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