9 interesting quotes from college football media this week (June 16)

Posted by: Administrator on Friday June 16, 2017

- Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman on Bob Stoops: “I’ve heard from multiple people he is the best boss they probably ever had. The best PR I ever got about Stoops came from one of his assistants’ wives, completely unprompted. She was talking about how good Bob Stoops is to coaches’ wives and coaches’ families. I’ve heard all these examples. You want to say, why aren’t more coaches like this? It’s just how he was. I think he took a lot of that from Steve Spurrier.”

- SiriusXM’s Rick Neuheisel on Lincoln Riley calling plays: “I think Lincoln Riley is doing the right thing. The question is, will he have the ability, the absolute strong-mindedness to say ‘I’m doing this and someone else will handle the other stuff.’ Because the other stuff is mounting.”

- CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd: “I can’t remember a first-time coach this young at this level with such a loaded team. In some sense, there’s no excuse. Sooner or later, Oklahoma fans want to win. In Week 3, you go to Columbus where the whole season could be on the line. It’s a game Oklahoma can’t afford to lose, because I don’t think they’ll win the rest of their games. If they lose, it could be like last year, where they’re really good at the end of the year, but not in the playoff chase, and what does that mean for the Big 12?"

- Sports Illustrated’s Pete Thamel on Louisiana camp drama: “LSU is trying to protect the state, and the folks at Belhaven in Mississippi want to evaluate kids in Louisiana and stubbornness is preventing this from happening. I can see both sides. I’m not going to pass judgment on either one, but LSU has firmly put a stake in the ground, and it’s compelling to see the lengths to which this has gone.”

- ESPN’s Paul Finebaum: “Texas is a huge state that borders Louisiana. What Orgeron is doing is not only for a competitive advantage, but he’s also sending a message: Stay out of here, or we’re going to come after you.”

- SEC Network’s Cole Cubelic: “I talk a lot about Alabama being able to drop a game or two and still getting in (the playoff), because of the perception of power they have. That’s not just in the media anymore. That’s in teams that line up against Alabama. There’s a gigantic mental obstacle of, do teams realistically believe they can beat Alabama? Don’t think that didn’t play in with Clemson able to go toe-to-toe on the biggest stage. A lot of guys on that team felt like they were in position to win. That gave them the confidence to do it. A lot of teams don’t have guys that have defeated Alabama, so they don’t think they can do it.”

- Fox Sports’ Tim Brando: “One thing about most college coaches, they instill fear. Fear is a part of it. Players want to please the coach. … The fear no one is working harder than me as head coach, so you guys better shape up. Dabo’s not built that way. There’s no denying his faith and Clemson is right in the heart of that faith base. He wants his guys to work hard, but he wants them to have fun doing it. It’s a college version of Tony Dungy, if you made a comparison to the NFL. I think it wears well with the young guys that come in there. … He doesn’t use fear or negative energy to coach.”

- CBS Sports’ Ben Kercheval: “I think a true frosh is going to win the Heisman this year. It’s never happened, but I think Cam Akers, the running back at Florida State has a really good shot. He’ll go up against Alabama in Week 1. It’s a bad matchup, and Florida State has a new offensive line, but this team caters to his strengths. One, they have an offense that displays what he’s good at. They’re a better run-blocking team than pass-blocking team. Second, in November, they go to Clemson and to Florida. If Akers goes out and has a great November, he comes on strong late in the year and is in that conversation.”

- SiriusXM’s Greg McElroy: “It makes me sick we don’t have Texas vs. Texas A&M. That one, it makes me so bummed we don’t have it anymore. I understand A&M going to the SEC. I wish we could check our ego at the door and get that game back. It’s important to the people of Texas. I just want to see it on an annual basis.”