Nick Saban rant alert: 'They ran through our a** like s*** through a tin horn'

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday November 18, 2015

Alabama is a heavy favorite against a lower-level team, and that means it’s time for a Nick Saban rant about not overlooking an opponent.

In September, Saban went off when asked about an upcoming game against Middle Tennessee as an opportunity to play young guys. He wasn’t even asked that Wednesday, but went off on a tangent about it.

Alabama hosts 9-1 Charleston Southern from FCS on Saturday, and their triple-option offense is led by quarterback Austin Brown, a UAB transfer. Asked about Brown, Saban started a response, before going off track pretty quickly, and the coach brought up the 2011 game against Georgia Southern.

“He’s a really good player, and he does a really good job with his offense,” Saban said. “These teams that are typically the best in their division are really good teams. You all maybe take the week off this week, but I’m not. A lot of people take a lot of things granted, and I get asked questions like, ‘How important is it for the young guys to play this week?’ How the hell do you know they’re going to play? Do you think you can assume they’re going to get to play? Because you’re assuming the other team is not very good?

“They do have a Division I quarterback, he plays like a Division I quarterback, and they’re very productive on offense, and they do a great job of executing what they do, and if we don’t do a good job executing against them — You all don’t remember the Georgia Southern game, do you? I don’t think we’ve had a guy on that field that didn’t play in the NFL, and about four or five of them were first-round draft picks, and I think that team won a national championship, but I’m not sure, and they ran through our ass like shit through a tin horn, man, and we could not stop them. Could not stop them. Could not stop them, because we couldn’t get a look in practice, we didn’t practice it right, and everybody said the same thing in that game.

“You all took a week off, this wasn’t important, so it’s not important to anybody else. It’s gotta be important to the players, and it’s gotta be important to us. Everybody gets excited about the beginning of the season. You get excited about getting married. But after you’re married or a while, you’ve gotta have a process to make it work, and no mater what happens, we need to have a process to make it work in every game that we play. You can’t assume anything.

I don’t even know what you asked me, but I just wanted to say that. Did anybody see that game? You saw that game. I think we’d given up like 300 yards rushing the whole season, in 10 games. That’s like 30 yards a game. All anybody wanted to talk about was how dominant the front was and how nobody could run against us. They got 300 yards rushing in one game. You don’t remember that. Maybe you weren’t around then. Maybe you’re not old enough.”

The 2011 Georgia Southern team actually lost in the 2011 FCS semifinals to eventual champ North Dakota State.

The Tide are a 38.5-point favorite vs. CSU on Saturday.

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