News, Notes & Quotes - Sept. 21

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday September 21, 2016

- After multiple sitting athletic directors turned down interest from Florida about the AD job, the Gators are going back with a better offer.

The Clarion-Ledger reports Mississippi State AD Scott Stricklin has been offered the Florida job after turning it down earlier this month. Other AD’s who have reportedly turned down an offer or interest include North Carolina’s Bubba Cunningham and Arizona’s Greg Byrne.

What does it say about Florida that they’re getting turned down? USA Today reportedly recently that there’s worry that Jeremy Foley staying on in an emeritus role makes the job less appealing.

Florida would reportedly more than double Stricklin’s salary. Foley was scheduled to step down on Oct. 1, but you can’t imagine that’s going to happen at this point with no one in place.

- Arkansas’ Jeff Long chimed in with his thoughts… or not?

After the Stricklin news broke, Long tweeted, “A new opportunity is not always a better opportunity, choose wisely grasshopper.”

But he later followed up, “To be very clear, this not a reference to anything going on professionally...Not a 'subtweet'  geez hard to have fun on social media.”

- Bob Stoops was pissed off about his backup QB calling Ohio State’s defense “basic” last week, and he’s changing the media availability.

“Ridiculous comments. That’ll be addressed,” Stoops said this week. “I don’t know what he could have been watching, to be quite honest with you. He must not have watched any tape if he had that to say. There’s no place for it. And sadly, for you you guys, because of that there will be a whole bunch of guys not available anymore, because we can’t trust them. That’s just how it’ll be.

“I’m just not going to have guys available to talk, because you can’t trust what they’re going to put out. I’ll have some older guys — I won’t not let you guys have anybody — but I’ll make some older players who understand available.”

- Brian Kelly says Notre Dame’s defensive issues are largely due to bad tackling fundamentals, and he’s getting more involved.

However, Kelly’s an offensive coach involved in play-calling, so he’s not taking over Brian VanGorder’s role, but he’s keeping a closer eye.

“Physically, does that mean on the practice field I have to stand on the defensive practice field to get that done? No, it doesn't mean that," Kelly said. "What it means is that I have to be in defensive meetings. It means that I have to be aware of what the game plan is. It means that I have to know how we're teaching things and communicating them, which I do.

“So I don't need a headset. I don't need to be on the defensive side of the ball coaching tackling. I'm very confident that I've got good coaches to do that, but I'm the head coach, and I'd better be certain that I know exactly what's going on in all facets of my program — offense, defense, special teams, recruiting, all of those things. But from an optic standpoint, I don't need to be standing on the defensive end of the field to make sure that gets done.”

- Will Muschamp had the best quote when asked about players dropping the ball before the goal line.

“We’ve had a hard time getting there, we dang sure don’t want to drop it before we get there.”

Classic Muschamp. Then when later asked about redshirting, he said, “There’s nothing wrong with redshirting. I redshirted. I wasn’t any good, but I was redshirted.”

- David Beaty again says he’s going to change his head coaching style at Kansas and micromanage less, letting his offensive coaches coach more. It appears Beaty will still call plays.

“I did something a little bit different here in the last couple weeks that I think it cost us. I take my daughter to school every day, but I started not taking her to school on Mondays and Tuesdays," Beaty said. "All I did was create more junk, and that's not going to happen again. I'm going back to the way that I was. There's nothing changed there. 

“I'm going to make sure we go to school every day. It affected our relationship, and she was like, ‘Why aren't you taking me to school?’ But all that stuff works together, and it's what I believe in. I've got to make sure that I'm not getting in our way by micromanaging things. I'm not saying that I have done that a lot, but I do know that I can make changes, and if I'm going to ask any of these guys to look inside, I've got to be the first one to pick up the paintbrush. if I'm going to ask them to do something hard, I've got to do it.”

The Jayhawks are 1-2 after a 43-7 loss to Memphis, and they travel to Texas Tech this Thursday.

- Watch Kelly’s post-game speech after Notre Dame’s loss to Michigan State.

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