News, Notes & Quotes - Sept. 1

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday September 01, 2016

- It’s Sept. 1, meaning coaches can contact Class of 2018 recruits.

They’re allowed to send texts, e-mails and private social media messages and send out mail materials.

Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith tweeted Wednesday night, “PSA to Recruits: Tonight at 12 you will be flooded with messages from ‘recruiters.’ 90+% of them will be from interns. Call the coach.”

BYU leads the nation with 9 commits in the class right now, followed by Miami (7), Florida State (6) and Notre Dame (6).

- With LSU putting all nine full-time assistants on the sideline, that puts a lot on the graduate assistants in the press box.

The GA’s this year are Carter Blount III, Leon Wright, Dennis Johnson and Eric Mateos. 

“We have quality GA’s that will have the ability to see and translate what’s going on in the game that our guys don’t see,” Miles said on the SEC coaches teleconference. “These guys have the ability to see the field. They’ve proven to me in spring and preseason that these guys can do it. We enjoy the fact we can coach our kids.”

- Adam Gase called out a player’s toughness through the media.

Receiver DeVante Parker will miss Thursday’s preseason finale with a hamstring tweak and has missed several weeks of camp.

“We’re going to keep strengthening him up," Gase told reporters. “I feel like I’ve been through this with Demaryius (Thomas) in Denver. Felt like he was always hurt. One thing after the other."

Gase not-so-subtly added, “Sometimes it takes some guys more time to learn more than others. Eventually, you get tired of being the guy standing on the sideline. I do think he’s a little frustrated. He’s been the odd man out all the time. Eventually, he will know how to push through certain kinds of pain."

- Mark Richt gushed over punter Justin Vogel on his radio show this week.

“Vogel, this guy, I’m almost tempted to take a knee on third down, just to see the guy punt,” Richt said. “He really has been punting beautifully. Hang time, distance, direction, operation time, getting it out quickly. He is as good as I’ve seen in person. The only guy who might compare was Reggie Roby with the Dolphins (from 1983-92), just the power the guy has knocking it out of there.”

- Before the 2015 season, Dabo Swinney railed against uneven cost of attendance stipends. More than a year later, has it made a difference?

Swinney said on the ACC Coaches Teleconference that he hasn’t lost a recruit because of it, but he still believes it’s an issue.

“I think it's just now really kind of taken root to be honest with you, and we have seen some issues in regards to that where it's come up in the recruiting process,” he said, “because this school can — because it's not equitable. One school, if they go there for four years then you're going to get an amount more dollars, so it's another thing that you have to battle in the recruiting process.

“So yeah, I've seen it. Fortunately for us we're not at the bottom. We're not the highest. We're kind of above average I would say, but it is an issue and probably will continue to be.”

- Rich Rodriguez had a good line on the importance of walk-ons, while on SiriusXM College Sports Nation.

“I tell the guys, we can’t win the Rose Bowl with all walk-ons, but we can’t get there without them. Our walk-on program has helped us overcome numbers and injuries in the past.”

- Check out Ohio State running backs coach Tony Alford telling Mike Weber’s parents that Weber will be the starting running back.

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