News, Notes & Quotes - Oct. 28

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Friday October 28, 2016

- We already know Urban Meyer doesn’t want early signing, but he also doesn’t like that commissioners are voting on it.

The proposal was developed in part by the Football Oversight Committee, which includes commissioners, athletic director and Dan Mullen — a former Meyer assistant. It must be approved by the NCAA Board of Directors and Collegiate Commissioners Association. 

On his radio show, Meyer admitted he’s too involved in the season to fully opine on the issue, but said he believes transfers will increase. Coaches have come out both in favor and against it, but Meyer doesn’t like involving commissioners who don’t recruit .

“Someone told me the commissioners are going to vote. Last time I checked, they’re not on the road recruiting,” Meyer said. “I don’t understand the process. We’re too busy to worry about it.” 

- “Loafs” were a problem for Florida State earlier this year, but Jimbo Fisher says he fixed it quickly and simply.

Over the last two games, FSU has allowed 25 total points. In their first six, FSU was giving up 42.2 per game against FBS teams, with some noticeable effort problems.

“That was (fixed) real quick. Point them out in front of the team and they were addressed on the practice field with some punishments and things we’ve always done,” Fisher said on SiriusXM College Sports Nation. “Also peer pressure. You’ve got to be accountable to those guys on the field. When we watch it together, hold them accountable for what they do. Those things don’t take talent. One game jumped out. It hit us. We’re not going to tolerate it and never have.”

- Clemson just wins close games, and Dabo Swinney dropped a stat to prove it.

“We’re 15-2 in the last 17 games decided by 7 points or less,” he said. “Close games, that goes back to 2011. That’s the heart of our team. They know how to win, even if we don’t clock on all cylinders like we need to. Biggest thing for us is the turnovers. We have to get that corrected to finish drives.”

It goes to 17-2 if you include games decided by 8 points. The Tigers are a 4-point favorite at Florida State this week.

- Tom Izzo is among the most media-friendly coaches you’ll find, but it wasn’t always that way. It was a lesson from his former boss that changed that.

Izzo gave a eulogy on Thursday for a Drew Sharp, a Detroit sports columnist who recently passed away. Sharp was always tough on Izzo, but Izzo respected him and considered him a friend. When Izzo was a young assistant, he saw former MSU head coach Jud Heathcote be friendly with reporters who called for his job, and Heathcote told Izzo something.

“I would say to (Heathcote) after, ‘How could you be friends with these guys? They’re writing that they should fire you.’” Izzo recalled. “Jud taught me maybe the most important lesson I learned, not in sports but in the world. He said, ‘You’d better remember something, boy. Everyone has a job to do. Everybody has a boss to please. Everybody has a family to feed. You’ve got to understand what you don’t think is right might be their job.’”

- Former Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti says the Mike Leach-Todd Graham sign-stealing controversy was “ridiculous.” He said it’s part of the game, and it doesn’t cost you a win or loss.

“With all due respect to all parties involved, it’s absolutely ridiculous,” he said on SiriusXM College Sports Nation. “If they’re videoing or have some technology, then that’s one thing. But if they’re looking across the field and stealing the signals, more power to them. It’s way overblown. That’s part of the game. Change the signals, have three guys give the signals if you’re worried about it.

“That being said, if you can get the signal and relay it to your team on the field in time to understand what you’re telling them, then look at their keys and get all that done? Wow. I think it’s way, way, way overblown. …  At the end of the day, stealing signals are not going to win or lose you a game.”

- Pitt lost to Virginia Tech 39-36, but it was the seventh straight game with at least 36 points for the Pitt offense under Matt Canada, and they scored a touchdown on a handoff to an offensive lineman.

That same lineman caught a throwback screen for a TD earlier this month.

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