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Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday October 25, 2016

- Mark Stoops defended his clock management late in Saturday’s win over Kentucky, even calling out a broadcaster.

The Wildcats went 46 yards in 7 plays and 1:02 and kicked a 51-yard field goal to beat Mississippi State. Late in the drive, ESPN color commentator Rod Gilmore criticized Stoops for not using all of his timeouts on the drive as clock ran. When a fan brought up on Twitter that it worked out, Gilmore tweeted, “Lol. Pure luck.”

“If they did, they’re not real intelligent,” Stoops said on his radio show when told of Gilmore's comments. 

Stoops said the only situation where a timeout could have been called quicker was after the third play, which was a run. But the Wildcats were slow and Stoops did call timeout.

“It was exactly five seconds,” Stoops said of the delay in calling it. “Anybody that keeps going on and on, they don’t have a clue.” 

Gilmore’ biggest criticism came after a first down completion with 22 seconds left. Kentucky had two timeouts, but instead threw a deep ball that was incomplete and left 9 seconds to go. Here was the final drive:

- Chad Morris felt the OT loss to Tulsa would be a turning point. So far, it has been.

The loss was SMU’s third straight and dropped them to 2-4. But Morris said it was the most distraught he’d seen his team in two years. Then they had a bye, and then they beat Houston last Saturday.

“They had worked so hard, and to not get the final result in the Tulsa game was a pivotal point in that part of the season,” Morris said. “My response to them was, ‘I’m so happy to be your coach. For 18 ballgames, this is the most I’ve seen anybody hurt, which tells me you care. And if you care, you believe in what we’re doing. We’re going into an open week. You’ve got to continue to believe in our process, and we’ve got to continue to control our responses. If we get better in the open week, it’l pay off. I don’t know when, but you have to believe that if you stick to something long enough, you’re going to see results.’

“It was great to see the celebration of our staff, the players. It was a dominating performance.”

- West Virginia hasn’t turned the ball over in the last two games and has only eight in six games. The key?

“Not talking about it,” Dana Holgorsen said. "The last two games, we’ve turned t over 0 times. In six games, I think we have eight. Two or three were right at the end of a quarter with backup quarterbacks. … It’s the same formula we’ve been working on. Let’s quit talking about it and it stays the same.”

- Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick says he’s pissed off that Todd Bowles benched him. Now back as the starter because of Geno Smith’s injury, Bowles had a great response.

"If pissed off is going to stop the turnovers, then I'm more than happy to have him pissed off the whole time," Bowles told reporters. "This is a show-me game. It's nothing about belief or non-belief.

"People get assigned to do jobs and they do them. If I don't do my job or the GM doesn't do his job or the quarterback doesn't do his job or the team doesn't do their job, eventually, they'll replace us all. It's a show-me game."

- Jim Harbaugh is still incredulous over a 3rd down spot by the officials late in a blowout win.

Late in the 41-8 win over Illinois, Michigan completed a 3rd down pass, which was spotted two yards short. Harbaugh actually challenged the spot, but replay confirmed it. He ran the ball on fourth down, picked it up and ran out the clock.

“I’ve never seen a worse call,” Harbaugh said Monday. “I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a more strange play.”

- John Harbaugh held a 2-hour, 20-minute full-team film review.

The Ravens are off this week and are on the first four-game losing streak of the Harbaugh era, so the coach is going through everything.

"Just an opportunity to be very honest with one another, which we always are, and work on the things that need to do to get better," Harbaugh said. "That's what we have here, a bunch of accountable guys. We just need to find a way to become the type of football team we're capable of becoming. That's always a process and always a journey. I'm excited about that."

- Mike Leach sends running back Jamal Morrow out for the coin toss, despite WSU not having traditional “captains.” It’s because he’s “lucky” and did well on The Price is Right in 2013.

“All the guy really does is the coin toss,” Leach said of the idea of captains. “And then I decided one of the most screwed up things about this country is in order to do anything, to cross the street, we have a committee. So I figured screw the committee, we really only need one guy. And he’s gotta be smart enough to either call ‘heads’ or ‘tails.’ That’s it.

“So then I thought, ‘Should I get the biggest guy on the team or the littlest guy on the team?’ And then I thought, ‘Jamal Morrow was on The Price Is Right and was fairly lucky and went to the final round and almost won the sucker.’ … So I figured Jamal Morrow’s a lucky guy, plus he’s got pretty good energy to him, so why not Jamal Morrow? And then Jamal Morrow goes out and did have an amazing knack for winning the toss. He wins it almost all the time.”

- Western Kentucky and Old Dominion teams got into a brawl on Saturday. ODU head coach Bobby Wilder says he’s talked with WKU’s Jeff Brohm since the 59-24 WKU win.

“Great conversations with Coach Brohm the past 2 days, unfortunate incident, wishing WKU the best all year,” Wilder tweeted Tuesday night. “Teams competed hard, let's move on.”

Here was the incident:

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