News, Notes & Quotes - Nov. 23

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday November 23, 2016

- Brian VanGorder is working with Georgia as a consultant, and Kirby Smart says it’s to prepare for Georgia Tech’s triple option.

VanGorder has that experience from his time at Notre Dame, and he famously moved Georgia Southern away from the triple-option in his lone year as head coach.

"I thought it would be helpful to us for this game specifically," Smart said. "He didn’t come here until late last week and began work on Georgia Tech and is a part of that game planning."

- Penn State will know if it can win the Big Ten East or not before kickoff, as Ohio State and Michigan play beforehand. Will Franklin mention it to his team?

“We've discussed it as a staff. We're going to talk about it with the team,” he said. “That game is right before ours. How that game plays out, who wins, who loses, how people look at that and how that impacts our future. There's no doubt that's going to be a factor. So we're going to discuss it ahead of time.

"Once again, I'm going to go back to my approach. None of that matters if we don't handle on business on Saturday against Michigan State. That information will be out there the way social media is, the way the fans are, the reaction in the stadium, things like that. They'll be aware of it.”

- Kirk Ferentz doesn’t allow committed recruits to visit other schools, but Iowa still recruits players committed elsewhere.

Several recruits have decommitted from Iowa in recent weeks and the policy came up, but Ferentz defended it.

“We'll talk about it and review it when the season gets over. But I think we're set in what we're doing and how we're doing it,” he said. “… You've got to have good recruits to be successful, I get that. What's really important is identifying and finding players that are going to fit here in our program and thrive in our environment. And it's not for everybody. Ultimately, that's what we have to do.

“… It's my 18th year here, so I promise you, I'm not searching for my identity anymore. I've been through that. I know who we are and who we want to be. We'll tweak things here and adjust to the times. We have a good feel about what we're trying to do.”

- Mark Dantonio was asked if he’s talked to Kirk Cousins recently and dropped a line all coaches can understand.

"I haven't talked to Kirk or anybody. I do talk to my wife on occasion,” he said, laughing. “We've been buried in a bubble, like I just said, you know. It's 11 weeks of about 85 hours a week, so I really haven't talked to too many different people.

- Chuck Martin and Miami (OH) made history on Tuesday, becoming the first FBS team to ever start 0-6 and finish 6-6.

Only two teams had ever gotten back to 5-6, back when there were 11-game seasons. The RedHawks trailed Ball State 17-7 at half and came back for a 21-20 win. Not only are they going to a bowl, but they won a share of the MAC East title with Ohio, but the Bobcats will go to the league title game.

Martin spoke to CoachingSearch last week about the turnaround. The RedHawks were 5-37 in the previous 42 games before this stretch. They won five games in Martin's first two years and surpassed that this year with a roster that includes 70 scholarship freshmen and sophomores.

“Our kids (feel) like, if we play, we’re going to beat these guys. I’ve been trying to get them to this point,” Martin said last week. “Now I don’t have to. They know they can do it.”

- David Beaty says Bill Snyder is one of the best coaches in college football history and that he always tries to watch Snyder when he’s around him.

“The way that he's done it and the manner in which he's done it and the way in which he resurrected a program, or basically built it, is the thing that's most interesting to me and just most impressive,” Beaty said. “The way in which he's done it, the guy to me is the picture of class. Everyone in our conference respects him. They respect him highly.

“There's a couple of us that when we're together at meetings, we make sure that we watch him, and we follow his lead just because he's done it so well for so long, and you know he's thought about it. When you get on a plane with him and you see a notebook about that thick and he's writing the whole time, you're like, 'OK, no wonder. No wonder.'”

- Watch this Ohio State hype video for Michigan and try not to be fired up.

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