News, Notes & Quotes - May 9

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday May 09, 2017

- Early signing is official — passing earlier than expected — but what kind of difference will it make?

The Collegiate Commissioners Association was expected to vote in June, but passed it Monday. It will be a 72-hour period from Dec. 20-22 this year. It could allow the schools outside the top tier of FBS to lock up kids without late poaching. But what if a coach leaves and a recruit wants to get out after signing early? David Shaw said recently he doesn’t think it’ll be a huge change, because kids can get out through the appeal process, and he believe they'll get it.

“I try to remind our guys, Pac-12 and NCAA, that just because we push the signing day up doesn’t mean it’s any more binding than it was before,” Shaw said in April. “A bunch of guys get out of signing, and every single one is going to get out if they have an appeal. Why put it so early that a kid may change his mind, coach leaves? There will always be that caveat. December is not bad. Anything earlier is bad for college football.”

- The AFCA is on board with allowing redshirting players to play in bowl games.

Whether or not you think players skipping a bowl game will actually become a trend, it’s an interesting idea, and would bring a little more interest for bowls. The AFCA is submitting a proposal to the NCAA to allow players to play four games in a season without burning a redshirt.

“One could argue that (playing redshirts) is not what the bowl games are for,” AFCA executive director Todd Berry told Fox Sports. “Well, it is now. We lost this idea that every bowl game mattered a long time ago.”

- As Bill Snyder battles cancer and nears 78 years old, he asks himself four questions.

“Is what I’m doing effective?” Snyder told USA Today. “Do I still have a positive influence on the lives of the young people in our program? Are they still responsive to me and what I deem important? And is it something that my family is on board with?”

So far, Snyder feels those answers are yes. But as for his successor, CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd details the behind-the-scenes battle continuing at K-State, as Snyder wants his son Sean Snyder to replace him, while others are against it.

- What’s the purpose of using a search firm? Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard said it’s the details.

Pollard used Parker Executive Search when hiring Matt Campbell. Pollard and VP Daniel Parker had a conversation about coaching searches on AthleticDirectorU, and Pollard described the benefits.

“The logistics. Being able to make all the potential candidates feel special,” he said. “To be able to manage that process and deal with the personalities and the agents. To know who just is maybe trying to get a raise back at their home site and to who is sincerely interested. To know, ‘Well, did this candidate meet with somebody else before and how did that go?’

“That’s invaluable for me, but it’s taking all that busy work off my plate, so that I can zero in on what really matters, which is figuring out who’s the best person and not get caught up in all the other clutter. That's what I found them invaluable to do.”

- Plaxico Burress wrote an article for The Players Tribune, sharing advice for the new class of rookies.

Burress detailed everything that happened when he accidentally shot himself in the leg and went to jail, but it were his lessons on money, family and friendship that stuck out to me.

“In 2000, when the Steelers drafted me with the eighth pick and I became a millionaire overnight, I already knew what my first priority was going to be. I had some family members who had fallen on hard times,” Burress wrote. “Some were about to get evicted from their house because they couldn’t make rent, so I helped them out. Others also needed money to pay bills — to keep the water on, keep the lights on, pay the mortgage. So I took care of them, because they were family. And I was always taught that family was more important than anything.

“I also had a group of guys — my best friends from the hood. They’d been there for me through everything. Real G’s. So after I got paid, I bought a big house, and they all moved in with me. There were like seven of us, and we each had our own rooms. To most people, that sounds crazy — like I was just giving money away to my friends. But I did that for them because those were my guys. I would have done anything for them, the same way they would have done anything for me.

“So I took care of my family, my closest friends, and myself. And you probably think you can guess who was there for me and who disappeared when I basically lost everything.”

- John Harbaugh shared a good lesson for all rookies at mini-camp, whether you were drafted, signed as a UDFA or are trying out.

“It doesn’t matter now. Everybody gets their opportunity,” he said. “Oh yeah, there’s more pressure on those (top picks), no doubt about it. Everybody will be watching and talking about them. But as far as five years from now, who ends up carving a career out for themselves? They’re going to come from the first round ranks, the free agent ranks and from the tryout ranks.

“History has proven that, especially here. We’ve probably had more free agents and tryout guys make our team over the last eight years than any other team in the league. We’re proud of that. You know why? Because it’s a true meritocracy. The best players play the most, period.”

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