News, Notes & Quotes - May 22

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday May 22, 2017

- Pete Carroll is upfront that the Seahawks will run the ball a lot more in 2017. They have to.

Per ESPN Stats & Information, the Seahawks passed on 64.5 percent of plays in 2016, compared to 54.5 percent in the previous four years. There were several reasons for it, but it has to change.

“We definitely will,” Carroll said on Brock & Salk. “We lost 100-something runs last year. And that was basically the story. That was basically the tale of why everything came about as it did. The defense had to do some more stuff. We had to throw the ball more. We had to pass protect more and all of that because the running game got knocked up.

“With the quarterback being a mess and the running-back situation, everybody being banged up, we were just unable to find it. So I think we’ll come roaring right back at it.”

- Will Muschamp says South Carolina’s hire of an producer is paying off.

Justin King is a 2010 South Carolina graduate and made many highlight videos of the Gamecocks. In February, he joined the staff in a creative role, and his social media videos impress.

“It’s all about those videos that captivate you a little bit,” Muschamp said. “Right now, our attention span as human being is really short. You notice they’re only eight to 12 seconds. He has a very good imagination, he has some guys working underneath him.

“I credit (athletic director Ray) Tanner for that move, making that happen for our entire athletic department and our university. It gives a very positive look.”

- Butch Davis used a unique tool upon arriving at FIU: his former Miami players.

“Nineteen of my former Miami players are in coaching. They’ve become head coaches, coordinators through Broward and Palm Beach County,” he said on SiriusXM College Sports Nation. “Reconnecting with those guys has been good, leaning on them for some insight on recruiting, where the players were, who they’d played against.

“One of the main things that excited me about taking the job was, having been there since 1984, you kind of know where the powerhouses are. You know the districts, you know the schools where they’re going to produce players every year. Football is as wild and crazy as you’ve ever seen in Florida right now, because they’ve been lenient about guys transferring from school to school.”

- A Lithuanian basketball coach educated a young reporter on what really matters.

Zalgris head coach Šaras Jasikevičius was asked why center Augusto Lima was missing part of a semi-final series to attend the birth of his child. The coach responded with this:

“What do I think about it? I allowed him to go. … Do you have kids? When you have kids, youngster, you’ll understand. Because that’s the height of a human experience. Wow, that’s a good question, really. Do you think basketball is the most important thing in life? (Reporter: ‘No, but a semi-final is important’).

“Semi-final? To whom? (The team). Which one? Did you see the number of fans at the game? Important? When you see your first child, you will understand what the most important thing in life is. Come and have a chat with me then. Because nothing can be more majestic in the world than the birth of a child. Believe me. Not titles, not anything else. Augusto Lima is now in heaven, emotionally. I’m really happy for him.”

- The Patriots released a clip from 3 Games To Glory V, a behind-the-scenes look at the road to the Super Bowl. This clip comes from preparation for the Houston Texans.

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