News, Notes & Quotes - May 1

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday May 01, 2017

- Bret Bielema was shaken up after an injury in Arkansas’ spring game.

Running back Rawleigh Williams went down what the school called a stinger. Williams previously suffered a major neck injury in 2015, so people were understandably worried.

“I was shook," Bret Bielema said. "I was really shook. You guys know the first time that happened. Nothing prepares you. When I drive in, I always say, 'What's going to happen today that I have no idea is going to happen?' Well, that one right there. That was it."

The team kneeled and held a prayer for Williams after the injury. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but Bielema indicated thinks appeared to be OK.

"He kept saying, 'This is embarrassing,' because he wanted to walk and they wouldn't let him walk because they were just being overly cautious," Bielema said. “… I love Rawleigh Williams walking and talking and doing everything else. We'll evaluate what the medical people tell us and then we'll have a conversation together and only do what's right for Rawleigh."

- With a record 28 defensive backs out of the first 100 picks, NFL Network / Fox Sports analyst Charles Davis says it’s the natural evolution of football.

“I think this has been Darwinian,” he said during the draft. “Over years, we had to create defensive backs, because college football had gone all offense. If you were a big-time athlete, the coach put you on offense instead of defense.

“Some of these wide receivers started to look over and say, ‘I could be one of five here, or I could be the best guy here.’ We’re seeing more of that. We finally have defenders that we’re bringing into the league. It’s been a while.”

- Noted Jim Harbaugh hater Paul Finebaum says Michigan’s trip to Michigan was… the best thing ever.

Finebaum has bashed Harbaugh and trolled Michigan fans for everything, but after watching a week of Rome highlights, Finebaum said the trip (which was paid for by a donor) was brilliant.

“I think this is one of the most positive, and maybe these best, story of the year in college football,” he said on Sportscenter. “Any administrator, any person that tries to shoot this down is simply foolish. I sat there watching the video of Jim Harbaugh and Pope Francis and taking pictures, and I was just mesmerized by it. This is what the college experience should be about: doing something different. Normal students get to go on overseas students for credit. Why not take a team? …

“I have plenty of issues with fans and Jim Harbaugh, but on this one, he was right. It would be disingenuous to sit here and tell you anything other than that. Give credit when it’s due. Jim Harbaugh outsmarted Nick Saban, Urban Meyer and everyone else. This is the best recruiting tool I’ve seen maybe ever. Go ahead and say it, it’s the best recruiting tool I’ve ever seen.”

- Tim Brewster didn’t hide from taking a shot at Michigan.

After the draft, Brewster tweeted, “Most draft picks doesn't correlate to winning....Just ask Michigan! #OrangeBowlChampions!”

Brewster’s never been one to be cautious with his words on Twitter. Of course, it's worth noting FSU had the most picks in 2015, and the Noles have the second-most picks since 2012.

- Richard Sherman recently shared his advice for kids, listing five points on Twitter:

“Kids if you have dreams of ever being a pro athlete there are certain things that you have to understand,” he wrote.

“1.  There will be more critics and naysayers than supporters on your journey.  More ppl will tell you that your dream is impossible.”

“2. On the road to success there are huge pitfalls and adversity.  It's never easy.  Understand that in your worst moments.  Persevere.”

“3.  Hard work pays off.  On the road to riches you have to continuously fill your tank with hours of hard work and dedication.  No shortcuts.”

“4.  Your goals and ambitions should be a constant evolution.  Continue to aim higher.  Complacency is the enemy of success.”

“5. It doesn't matter where you start.  Whether your a rich kid with everything or a kid from the slums. You control your effort and attitude.”

- Indiana put out a 15-minute video of Jon Gruden and Mike DeBord breaking down film at IU. A fun watch here:

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