News, Notes & Quotes - March 27

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday March 27, 2017

- Four schools open spring practice today: Fresno State, Georgia Tech, Nevada and Washington.

Fresno State (Jeff Tedford) and Nevada (Jay Novell) begin with new head coaches, while Georgia Tech and Washington have at least one new assistant each.

Georgia Tech’s spring game is April 21, Washington’s is April 22, and Fresno and Nevada have theirs on April 29.

See all FBS spring dates here.

- LeBron James sent out a series of tweets Sunday night directed at youth coaches, saying they need to make sure they push to get the most out of kids.

"Man if it wasn't for Big Frank, Bruce Kelker, Willie Earl, @CoachDambrot @CoachDruJoyce I wouldn't be the player/man I am today! As a kid, they showed toughness and stayed on me every single day! Never sugar (coated) nothing, told me to real and lit me up when I wasn't applying.

“Reason I'm saying this is I believe this is a major part of the reason why kids don't succeed as much because the leaders, coaches, etc. won't get on them because their afraid of losing the kid, or losing the sponsorship that comes with the kids, or have their own agenda on how much they can benefit in the long run from the kid not realizing they're cheating the shit out of the kid. We as kids don't know. We need to be pushed, kicked, loved, then pushed and kicked again cause that's what brings and breeds the hunger inside of us!

“Whoever u are out there please stop worrying about u and if u really care for the kid give them the guidance as my Coaches, mentors did for me! Can't stand for it anymore because of I (love) and will die right now for my Sport and for SPORTS in general. #JustMyOpinion.”

- Jim Harbaugh showed how to speak out about a political issue without being political.

A month ago, Harbaugh tweeted that he hopes the government will not defund Legal Services Corp, which provides legal aid to low-income people. Harbaugh is on the leaders council for LSC, and he opened up to Politico about why it’s important to him.

“It's not a coaching issue to me. This is an American issue,” he said. “If I may make a football analogy, we're a team, whether we're a football team or community or the United States of America. We are part of a team, and I believe the people on that team have a right, but they also have the obligation if there is something that is not good or we don't agree on, to speak about it. And you asked me what I'm doing, I'm speaking about it.”

Asked if his Michigan contract prevents him from being political, he replied, “I think it's recommended — I work at a public university — to be apolitical. As I've told you before, this is a bipartisan issue. It's an American issue and I'm allowed to be an American.”

- Monte Kiffin is on the FAU staff as an analyst, and Lane Kiffin explained his role.

“He doesn’t coach scheme or anything with them, he’s more off the field in a mentor role and talking to (the players) in general about football,” Kiffin said Saturday, per FAU Owl Access. “It’s great for our coaches too, because he can’t coach our players really schematically, but he can coach our coaches.”

His role is a defensive analyst / NFL liaison, and he’s used film sessions to compare what FAU does to what NFL teams do. It's a three-Kiffin staff, with Chris Kiffin as defensive coordinator. At 77 years old, this is Monte Kiffin's 14th different stop in his career.

- Check out Troy cornerbacks Al Pogue mic’d up at spring practice.

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