News, Notes & Quotes - March 2

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday March 02, 2017

- The NFL came calling, and Nick Saban didn’t even look to listen.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman reported Wednesday that all six NFL teams that made head coaching changes contacted Nick Saban. The result? People in the NFL don’t think Saban is coming back.

“All were emphatically told ‘no thanks,’" Freeman wrote. "I'm not certain whether Saban told them this directly. It could have been Saban's agent or some intermediary. No matter the source, NFL people believe Saban wasn't about to head back to the NFL, nor will he ever.”

There were reports Saban was interested in the Giants job a year ago, as well as reports that that report wasn’t true. It may never end until the day Saban retires, but it’s the latest example showing Saban isn’t leaving Tuscaloosa.

- How does Seahawks general manager John Schneider handle “hunches” when it comes to the draft?

More than anything, he tries not to compare players, and realize they’re all unique.

“Learning from your mistakes and learning what’s gone well, I think, is a big one,’’ he said, per The Seattle Times. “I think where I’ve made mistakes, personally, is when I compare individuals to other players, and they are not the same people. They don’t have the same…they are not the same people, at their core. That’s where I feel like … or you push with ‘We’re not going to draft for need.’ Well, in this day, you kind of have to.

“I would say just praying on it, work ethic, just learning from your mistakes, and just trying to accentuate the positives that you learn along the way.”

- Watch this Tom Izzo interaction with star player Miles Bridges. This sums up a coach-player relationship.

Scold, make your point, then make up.

- Moving sucks, and Clemson’s new football building adding moving on top of a short and busy offseason.

“Everybody’s moved in their life, and it’s never fun, especially when you’ve been somewhere for a while and you’re settled in,” Swinney said as camp opened. “Man, you don’t realize how much stuff you have. I keep all my notes, have all my stuff, and now you have to pack it all up, reorganize it. That was a process, because we’ve been gone so much, here and there. One of the things that comes with a season like that, if the mail was this (size), now it’s (a lot more). These are things you don’t think about. If the calls where, here, the calls are (a lot more).

“… It’s taken six or seven weeks to sort through everything, but I like where we are. We’re up and running. Little things like getting the boards up in the meeting rooms to where you can function the way you need to, technology, getting everybody’s fingerprints in the system. Little things add up. As we hit the field today, we’re ready.”

- No programs open spring practice today, but Arizona has its Spring Showcase open practice tonight on Pac-12 Network.

The Wildcats will continue practice up to March 31. Keep track of spring dates here.

- Check out Rhett Lashlee mic’d up at UConn winter workouts.

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