News, Notes & Quotes - June 22

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday June 22, 2017

- What does “pro-style” mean these days? Check out these numbers.

Football Outsiders’ Aaron Schatz recently tweeted some formation numbers. The use of 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE) increased to 60.4 percent of all plays in the NFL this season, and it was the most common personnel grouping for all 32 teams.

Schatz added that the second-most common packages for any team included the Jets 10 personnel (33 percent), the Colts 12 personnel (31 percent) and the Eagles and Panthers 12 personnel (27 percent).

If you wanted any more proof the fullback is dead, there you go. The next time you hear college coaches talking about styles that translate to the NFL, keep these numbers in mind.

- Will Muschamp coaches the safeties at South Carolina, and he says he’s always tried to stay hands-on.

“One of the main things I enjoy is coaching the safeties,” he said on the SEC Network’s South Carolina Summer Tour. “I have my own position meeting room, I take my head coaching hat off when I walk in there and put my defensive back hat on, and I coach the safeties. It’s something I really enjoy.

“I’ve done that for most of my coaching career. I enjoy the day to day operations of the players.”

- Craig Bohl shared a great quote with USA Today about finding the right players in recruiting.

Bohl won’t get the best in Wyoming, so he has to find what fits best.

“That ‘it,’ they will do what we ask them to do. Now, we’ve got to be smart with what we ask them to do. But that ‘it’ in football can go a hell of a lot further than what people think,” Bohl said. “And that’s a story. That right there is a story.

“The guy that’s running out there on the West Coast that’s a five-star guy that’s been shopping around and thinks it’s all warm and fuzzy, when the rubber meets the road, they’re going to spit the bit out. We’re going to have our hand in the dirt and knock the shit out of you.”

- Butch Jones illustrated just how bad Tennessee’s injury luck was last year.

“We had all those injuries, and then I go home and our dog is limping, and our dog tore her knee up. Then I tear my knee up on the practice field,” Jones said on the SEC Network’s Tennessee Summer Tour. “Right before the Vol Walk, I can’t walk or run through the T and had to take a shot before the game. This is very fitting for this past year."

Jones has tried to keep a positive spin on last season, but he knows some fans aren’t happy.

“We always talk about life. Football is life sped up faster,” Jones said. “I told players they’d look back at last year, the perseverance and resolve, the players gave everything they had. But we had nine wins, three straight bowl championships, but it’s not enough.”

- Take a look at Syracuse quarterbacks using virtual reality in their training.

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