News, Notes & Quotes - June 19

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday June 19, 2017

- Ruffin McNeill says Lincoln Riley was the only coach he was going to leave Virginia to work for.

McNeill and Riley worked together at Texas Tech, and McNeill brought Riley to ECU as a 26-year-old offensive coordinator. Now, the 33-year-old Riley hired McNeill to coach defensive tackles at Oklahoma.

“I was very happy at Virginia,” McNeill told Fox Sports. “Bronco (Mendenhall) is a great coach, and great person, and he’s gonna win there. I had my best friend (UVA OC Robert Anae) coaching on the other side of the ball there. Lincoln was the only person that I would leave there for.

“(When he was my OC at East Carolina) he turned down three or four jobs to stay. Some would’ve paid him double and one of them would’ve paid him triple of what I could pay him. That’s loyalty."

- In penning a Father’s Day column for USA Today, Gene Chizik recounted the moment he decided to get out of coaching as UNC defensive coordinator.

“Until this spring, I had only seen two of my son’s baseball games in two years,” Chizik wrote. “I was not present when my daughters moved into their freshmen dorms at Auburn, a great place we still call home.

“In 2016, as I walked to another two-a-day practice at North Carolina, I watched carloads of families moving into the freshmen dorms. My family was doing the exact same thing 500 miles away. That’s when it hit me. It was time to make a change. I knew right then I would never miss another of my son’s football or baseball games. He only has two years of high school left. There will be no more do-overs. Our nest will then be empty.”

- Here’s an impressive graphic from Ohio State.

The salaries of NFL players who played under Urban Meyer at Utah, Florida and OSU totals nearly $700 million.

- Arkansas State’s recruiting now involves more of positions coaches recruiting their position, and Blake Anderson said they had to move that way.

“I think it was necessary with the way the camp cycle was going to change, with the Signing Day moving up to December and the process being faster,” Anderson told AState Nation. “We’ve kind of always done that at quarterback. It’s been necessary because of the past of quarterback recruiting. We just took it a step further and decided to do it at every position.

“It’s hard to cover enough ground. You have to be very specific, very selective. We had to watch a lot more tape during the offseason to put our plan together. But I think the time was beneficial. I feel like we’re in close relationships with those kids at this point. We’ve spent more time with them on the phone, with them on campus than we have in previous years. It’s the nature of where we have to move to stay ahead of the game in a place like we are.”

- James Franklin isn’t sure if Penn State will have a big Signing Day celebration anymore, because of early signing.

If there is one, it may be that early date. Those days have become just as big for marketing the program to future recruits as much as signing.

“I could even see a situation where we don't have a signing day celebration,” Franklin said.” I could see that maybe going away because you don't have that one moment in time. It de-emphasizes it, I guess is what I would say, when you have two and not one kind of closure to it all.

“So, yeah, we will not have two for sure. We could have one, but I also could see a component of that going away at a lot of places around the country.”

- Texas released a hype video featuring a throwback Tom Herman.

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