News, Notes & Quotes - June 16

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Friday June 16, 2017

- Mike Zimmer says situational football takes a few years for a head coach to fully grasp — if they get that long.

It’s been a big emphasis in Vikings mandatory minicamp for the fourth-year head coach.

“When you’re a defensive coordinator, you’re not worried about all those things. You’re worried about, how can I stop this team? Make the right call in the right situation,” he said. “I honestly believe, they fire coaches so fast (in the NFL). Hey, I get it. You go two years and get fired, you never really learn how to do the job the right way.

“There’s a guy in New England that that happened to, and he’s doing well now. It takes a while for you to understand the intricacies of that part of the game.”

- After giving a memorable press conference, Sam Houston State baseball coach Matt Deggs spoke to the parents outside the stadium and delivered a similar message.

“This is a very entitled society, and you guys raised workers," Deggs said in a video posted by a parent. You guys raised kids that are accountable, and all they did from day one is come in, punch the time card, do what they were told, be a great teammate, go to class and love their team. Your guys’ guidance did that. We are very blessed to have had your sons in our life. I have always needed those guys way more than they need me. They keep me where I need to be.

“So mom and dad, supporters, we love you all and we’re very thankful for you all. I know we lost. You can lose 19-0 or 3-2, guess what? We ain’t going to Nebraska. There’s nothing to hold our heads down about. All the fun is in the (journey), not the (ultimate destination). You can take any trip with your boys, and the entire amount of fun is the car ride getting there. That’s where all the fun is. All the fun we’ve had over the last two years will fill up two lifetimes. We’ve made relationships that are going to last forever.

“It’s special that you all stuck around, because I tell you what goes in most programs right now is (finger-pointing). There ain’t no finger-pointers here. It’s just a family. It might be dysfunctional at times, so what? Those are the best ones. We love you guys, we appreciate your support, and I promise we will be back.”

- Players have reported to camp, and with the recent rule allowing coaches to be around players in the summer, Ed Orgeron calls it school.

There used to be a time when players were gone for the summer, but football is nearly year-round now. No on-field work is allowed, but film and lifting is permitted.

“We call it Football School,” Ed Orgeron said. “It’s great. It’s a time to work on instillations, a time to work on the little details, time to work on the skills they need, without game-planning or worrying about the heat outside. It’s going to school, learning your craft. Our guys have worked extra on their own, and the leadership is showing.”

- Jason Garrett introduced the ‘Derek Jeter Challenge’ with the Cowboys this week.

Garrett is a Yankees fan and says Jeter is the type of guy you’d pick on your team before knowing what the game is. So the Cowboys pick teams, then compete in arcade games and other activities.

“You don’t know the game,” Cole Beasley told the Dallas Morning News. “You pick five guys before you even know what the game is. They call it the Derek Jeter Challenge because someone said if you were starting a team and it doesn’t matter what the game was and you don’t know what you’re playing, who do you pick. You want those type of guys on your team, who you know are going to come through for you and bust his butt to compete no matter what the challenge is for his teammates. That’s kind of the thing behind it.”

- Myles Garrett is starting on third-string, and Louis Riddick says it’s defensive coordinator Gregg Williams sending a message.

“I know how Gregg Williams works, Riddick said on Mike & Mike. “We drafted Sean Taylor, and nobody on the roster could play with Sean Taylor. You know he belonged, but Gregg wouldn’t put him in. He made him earn it until we played in the Hall of Fame game and he wrecked the opposition.

“I get making guys earn it. Me myself, if I draft a guy first overall, I’m not messing with it. We know where he’s going to end up. I’d put him in right away.”

- Ohio State’s Real Life Wednesdays this year have touched on domestic violence, drug abuse and more. As Urban Meyer put it, they can’t ignore what players are hearing about outside of football.

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