News, Notes & Quotes - June 16

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday June 16, 2016

- Grand Valley State’s outgoing AD of 20 years says top-level success in Division II makes it the perfect place for the school, instead of moving up.

Rather than looking to move up to D1, Tim Selgo told Crain’s Detroit Business that moving up and adding costs would have been irresponsible. GVSU has won 18 national titles during his 20 years.

"Why would we want to spend three times the amount of money we're spending now, and tax our students to do so in this age of high tuitions, for what? Who's getting better publicity with their athletics program, Grand Valley or Eastern Michigan?" Selgo said.

He added: "Why would you charge your students more money to get less recognition and less success for your student athletes? All of those schools in the MAC have dropped sports in their ever-reaching quest to be Division I. I don't think that's what college sports is about."

- Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase is making sure his team starts completely from square one. The lesson? Don’t assume the players know anything.

“We’ll focus on something, and we try to make sure we educate the players, because you’d be surprised how many times you bring something up and somebody’ll say, ‘Wow, I didn’t know that,’” Gase told the Miami Herald, “and you start assuming something and that’s the worst thing you can do, because a lot of these guys, they’ve never heard some of this stuff.

“When you hear it for the first time, you probably screw it up in practice and then you make the correction. You want to try to make it to where when those situations come up on Sunday, you’re not coming back Monday and being like, ‘Alright, we need to do this.’ Instead, you’re ahead of that, you make the right play and you get the right result.”

- Here’s a creative graphic from Florida tweeted by Jim McElwain, highlighting the contracts of its 2016 Draft picks.

- One of Notre Dame’s top receivers has given up football due to concussions.

Corey Robinson, the son of NBA legend David Robinson, had been considering the decision since his most recent concussion during spring practice. He reportedly suffered three in the past year. He was elected student body president in April and will work as a student assistant this fall.

"This was an extremely tough decision for Corey," Brian Kelly said in a release. "He's such a committed kid to everything he does — whether it be academics, football, community service or campus leadership initiatives — that he wanted to finish his four-year career on the field."

- LSU has reversed its ban and will again allow opposing bands to play at halftime.

The ban went in place a year ago but didn’t create much controversy until recent weeks. The school said sidelines had become too crowded, but the new plan will reconfigure seating to allow visiting bands to take a more direct route to the field.

After all, college football is all about the pageantry and atmosphere unmatched in sports.

- Take a look at a time-lapse of the turf installation for the Minnesota Vikings brand new stadium.

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