News, Notes & Quotes - June 15

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday June 15, 2017

- Ruffin McNeill once hired Lincoln Riley as a 26-year-old offensive coordinator at ECU. Now Riley has hired McNeill.

McNeill is Oklahoma’s new defensive tackles / assistant head coach after one year at Virginia. It also changes the balance of the OU staff.

Bob Stoops was a defensive head coach with four defensive assistants. Riley will continue to run the offense, with four offensive assistants and five defensive assistants.

The move also means UVA needs a new assistant, knocking them off the list of 20 schools to return their entire staff.

- Mike Gundy’s raise and extension are complete after an awkward year.

In June 2016, the school announced a 2-year extension for Gundy. But there was a problem: Gundy never agreed to it. This week, the school announced Gundy has signed a new 5-year deal. The previous extension would’ve paid him $4.15 million annually. This deal will pay him $4.2 million, with $125,000 annual raises. The length is the same and the money isn’t much different, but it will be an annual rollover contract.

The real question is what this new deal means for amenities like staff salaries and recruiting budgets, where OSU has been behind. Gundy said in April those needed to get to at least the top half of the league. In the press release, Gundy says the school is making a long-term commitment.

“In comparison to the league, I need (assistant pool) to be in the middle of the pack,” Gundy said in April. “I think they've earned that with what we've accomplished in football. We need recruiting budgets to be in the top three or four in the league. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for me, to convince myself, to convince young people, that we can continue to do this or take the next step.”

- Bronco Mendenhall has a large library of influential books, and ESPN has an interesting story on its role in his coaching.

It really started when Mendenhall was in over his head early on as BYU coach. He spoke with an organization consultant, and the books started.

"I started reaching out to anyone that I respected or admired or was having success and just started asking, 'Who are your influences?' or, 'What's the best book you read on this?'" Mendenhall said. "That just started building the library step by step."

This time of year is an opportunity for coaches to spend time with books, even if it may not seem to fit the job. As Mendenhall said, "I'm an introverted, deep thinker who is in an extroverted entertainer's job."

- How did the Warriors build a powerhouse? The roster is loaded, but the roster also thrived in the culture.

Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green were all drafted, and it was built together. Owner Joe Lacob joined First Take and explained the process.

“People ask me that all the time. What big move did it?” he said. “I always say the same thing: It’s every little thing. It’s not one big thing. It’s attention to detail and trying to be great every day, the entire organization. Not just the basketball team; the business organization, everything.”

He added, “It comes from everybody. You hire a certain type of person in an organization. We’re all responsible for it. But more than anything else, it started with Steph Curry. He’s an incredible individual.”

- Wisconsin’s football program hosted a “Day As a Badger” with kids with Down syndrome, partnering with a local non-profit.

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