News, Notes & Quotes - June 13

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday June 13, 2016

- Kevin Sumlin knows people are down on the Aggies right now, and he’s using that to fuel his program.

“A lot of people don’t think we’re very good,” Sumlin said at a booster event, per TexAgs. “A lot of people think this organization is in disarray. It’s far from it.

“As a matter of fact, it’s in pretty good shape right now. I like where we are. I like our attitude. And I like the fact that people don’t think we’re worth a damn. That’s alright with me. We’re going to be alright.”

- The Ivy League will further limit time demands on players.

New rules adopted by the league give athletes a 10-hour window of no official athletic activity following the return from a road trip and will require a two-week recovery period with no allowable team athletic activities following a season. This wouldn’t change a whole lot for football, but the Ivy League wanted to make it clear more can be done. The league recently eliminated in-season tackling in practice.

“We have a long history of regulating time demands beyond what the NCAA requires, and we’ve been paying attention to the conversation about these issues the past couple of years,” Ivy League executive director Robin Harris told Inside Higher Ed. “Our athletic directors just asked themselves, ‘Why can’t we just do this?’ The answer was, ‘Of course we can do this.’ We hope that it shows that this is not that hard.”

- The No. 1 thing Pat Narduzzi keeps hearing about from fans is the Week 2 home game against Penn State.

The Panthers and Nittany Lions haven’t played since 2000, a 12-0 Pitt win. PSU leads the all-time series 50-42-4. The new jerseys are nice, but it’s the Sept. 10 game that every Pitt fan is talking about.

“I can’t go to the grocery store,” Narduzzi said on SiriusXM College Sports Nation. “I was at Sherwin-Williams getting paint for my wife, and I have to hear about it. No matter where you go, it’s going to hit you.”

- Chris Ash wanted a mix of young and old on his Rutgers staff, but they also had to have the same characteristics of trust and teaching.

“If you look at the staff, there are older guys, experienced guys, younger guys who are energetic and highly motivated to move up in the profession,” Ash told Rutgers’ official site at a camp. “But the three things, regardless of age, experience or position that I wanted was, guys with high character, I wanted guys I could trust, I wanted guys that could connect with the players and show we care about them. I wanted guys that were really good football coaches. Not just football coaches, but would coach the was I want to coach, and I think I hit a home run with the staff.”

- The No. 1 dual-threat QB has committed to Ohio State.

Tate Martell has previously been committed to Washington and Texas A&M, and his decommitment from the Aggies led to some upset tweets by an A&M assistant at the time. Now, Martell is planning to go to Columbus.

Ohio State has the No. 1-ranked recruiting class for 2017, one spot ahead of Alabama, with 14 commitments. Will the Buckeyes knock the Tide off the top spot come February?

- Big South school Winthrop University (SC) has dropped the idea of starting up a football program.

While many colleges are starting football programs, Withrop has determined that the costs of making a program outweigh the benefits following a yearlong study.

The estimated cost of starting a program would be $3-5 million, depending on if they offered scholarships, along with another $11 million down the road in facilities. The estimated financial benefits would be $2 million. Students wanted football, but they didn’t want a large increase in student fees.

- The Sun Belt created a hype video for its first conference championship game… in 2018.

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