News, Notes & Quotes - July 5

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday July 05, 2017

- It’s almost Media Days season. The SEC kicks things off next week, and this is the order:

Monday: Bret Bielema, Ed Orgeron, Butch Jones
Tuesday: Kirby Smart, Derek Mason, Dan Mullen, Jim McElwain
Wednesday: Nick Saban, Barry Odom, Kevin Sumlin, Mark Stoops
Thursday: Will Muschamp, Hugh Freeze, Gus Malzahn

Keep track of every conference’s media days dates here.

- Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells look for three factors in an offensive lineman.

In a clinic speech posted by Michigan high school assistant James Light, Jim Schwartz recounted what he learned from Belichick while Schwartz was a Browns scout in the mid-90s. Those three things: Size, toughness and smarts.

“Most of the things Belichick preached came from Parcells. If (Parcells) were here now, he would say there are only three things that mattered when you talk about an offensive lineman: big, smart and tough,” Schwartz said. “If you had those things, you could develop a player .I’ve always kept that in my mind.

“You can’t coach big. I hear (coaches) say, ‘Play long, play long.’ Tyron Smith from Dallas, he wakes up long. He’s got 37-inch arms. It’s the short guys that are the challenge, and it’s hard. You can’t coach big. There’s something about toughness you can’t coach. A guy’s tough or he’s not. You can accentuate it, but I don’t know you can make a guy tough if he’s not. And smart, there’s an awful lot to be learned. Those are the three things we thought you needed.”

- Every coach says they want to prepare students for life. has a story on just how far Clemson goes for that.

With all sorts of networking events, internships, volunteer activities and more, Clemson uses it as a big part of the recruiting pitch, a program that’s developed over years.

"We've formalized what we want to do, what we want to provide these players, and it's awesome," Swinney told ESPN. "Those are things we want to be tangible when you come to our program, and when you walk in, we have a boardroom, we have career days; it's a place you can come even after you graduate. It's great, and our players are going (to) thrive."

- The best defensive back Mark Stoops coached at Miami? It wasn’t Ed Reed.

“I get asked that all the time. Ed Reed would probably get mad at me, but I stand on the table for Sean Taylor,” Stoops said on Kentucky Sports Radio. “It’s hard to argue with Ed Reed, one of the best o every play, but Sean was special. He was going to have a great career, and it unfortunately got cut short.”

Keeping the defensive backs from killing receivers in practice was always something Stoops had to push. But those early-2000s Miami teams had so many top-flight players.

Said Stoops, “Back in the day, we had enough players to go around, so we unleashed those boys.”

- Ball State put together an American Gladiators-themed workout for Independence Day.

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