News, Notes & Quotes - July 19

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday July 19, 2017

We’re 38 days from the first day of college football., 45 from the first full Saturday.

- Fall camp starts earlier for some, with the end of two-a-days, and Matt Rhule wants to start as early as possible at Baylor. The Bears will report on the 26th and start the next day.

“I would have started July 1st, if I could have, just because when you have a new staff, we have a kind of a complicated defense,” he said. “I think (defensive coordinator Phil) Snow asks the kids to make a lot of checks and make a lot of communication. Sometimes it takes time.

“Every single day we have a chance to be around the kids and to practice, and all those practices don't mean we have to run into each other. But every single day that we can be together on defense and on offense, I think it's a benefit. I think it's probably about 10 or 12 days that we're in practice that we're still in summer school, so we'll have to work around it. Our kids are going to have to be mature and balance the schedule, but I want to welcome any opportunity I have to coach those kids."

- Mike Gundy says he won’t coach into his 60s, but as he turns 50, he feels as good as he ever has.

It’s been 10 years since his infamous rant at 40. He wouldn’t do something like that at 50, because he says he’s more calm and peaceful, and he wants the players to have fun. Meetings are short, practice contact is rare.

“I want them to cut loose and have fun. I want to take chances when we play games. I want to throw the ball deep," he said. "I want to do things to have fun. I’ve relaxed a lot now. Truthfully, I’ve gotten to a point in my personal life where I have security in a lot of areas. It’s allowed me to relax and have fun. That relaxes our team, and that’s important.

“Dealing with millennial kids, they don’t like to be tired. They’re different, and they like to have fun. You have to roll with it. I don’t claim to be able to relate to them, but I do think they understand I want them to have fun and enjoy themselves.”

- Todd Orlando followed Tom Herman and became the highest-paid Texas assistant in school history.

Orlando will make nearly $1.1 million annualy on a 3-year deal at Texas. At Houston, he was the second-highest paid assistant in the Group of Five ($526,000), and Herman says Orlando will be a head coach one day. He was passed over for Major Applewhite at UH.

“The reason you’re seeing coordinators get paid the money they get nowadays is because in the past, if you had a great one, you’d lose him really quickly. Because any head job was better than the coordinator job, for his family, for his career,” Herman told CoachingSearch.

“When you’re paying a guy a million bucks a year to live in Austin, to work around the people he works around, he has earned the right to be very selective in the head coaching job he tries to get and ultimately does get. Hopefully, it’ll be later than sooner, but he’ll make a great head coach.”

- This fall will be the first time since 2007 that Dana Holgorsen isn’t calling offensive plays. Back then, he was Mike Leach’s OC at Texas Tech.

“I’ve got complete confidence in new (offensive coordinator) Jake Spavital. I trained him for four years. He was my personal GA for four years and trained him how to do things,” Holgorsen said at Big 12 Media Days. “He went out on his own and did a lot of really good things. He knows how I think. I know how he thinks."

Holgorsen added, “We've been improving over the last three, four years. I feel like the way to continue to improve is to focus on some of the other areas. Our recruiting is probably better than it ever has been, spending a lot more time with that. The fund-raising aspect of it, facilities, coaching and retaining coaches is a big thing. So I'm going to be able to do a lot more of that stuff.”

More than 30 FBS head coaches will still call plays in 2017.

- Conference USA Media Days begin today in Irvine, Texas.

The media picks to win the divisions are Western Kentucky and Louisiana Tech. Coaches speaking today include Skip Holtz, Seth Littrell, David Bailiff, Jay Hopson, Bill Clark, Sean Kugler and Frank Wilson.

See all conference Media Days dates here.

- Here are some highlights from the AAC Clambake, courtesy of UConn:

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