News, Notes & Quotes - Feb. 7

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Tuesday February 07, 2017

- How does a quarterback lead a team? Check out this Tom Brady quote from his Super Bowl pregame interview with Terry Bradshaw.

“When you get in a huddle and call those plays, you have 10 other guys that are feeling your energy. What are you putting off? Are you putting off confidence? Are you putting off fear? They can feel all that. When they get in the huddle with me, I want to look in their eyes, and I want them to feel a belief that we’re going to do it.”

He’s got five Super Bowls, the most ever, and this last one came with three small slot receivers as his top receiving options. Is Brady the best ever? Is it even a debate anymore?

- Did the Patriots’ fake kneeldown run at the end of regulation look familiar to you?

Bill Belichick appeared to get it from Western Kentucky earlier this season.

“We call it the Hilltopper play, the fake kneel down,” Belichick told ESPN after the win. “But (the Falcons) played it pretty good.”

Here was the WKU play:

- Kevin Wilson knows not to change the Ohio State offense. It's about tweaks.

Wilson recently joined Urban Meyer’s radio show. He wasn’t asked about his departure from Indiana, but talked about his adjustment to OSU.

“You’re 61-6 and you want to win every game and you want to win every game by a lot. But at the same time, it’s not like we’re far off and broken,” Wilson said, per 247Sports. “So, the first thing in my world in coming in is, ‘How can you be a positive addition?’ You’re not coming in with any answers. How can you blend in and take what is a really strong product and enhance it? Because it’s a lot easier to tear it down than to make it stronger.

“The first thing for me is to build those relationships with our coaching staff, particularly the offensive coaches. Because if our team is going to be close and tight … and we don’t necessarily have to be best friends and listen to the same kind of music and go to movies together all the time, but we need to be in the foxhole together.”

- New Texas offensive coordinator Tim Beck says the Longhorn roster on offense isn’t far from Ohio State’s.

The offense was a big issue under Charlie Strong, but it took a step forward last year. Now QB Shane Beuchele has a year under his belt.

“I’m very impressed,” Beck said on Longhorn Network. “Obviously coming from the other school I was at, to be in those kinds of games with those kinds of athletes, we’re very similar athletically,” he said. “There’s some things obviously we have to change between the football team and the coaching staff, but I’m really impressed.

“I like the group that I’ve seen out there. Once we’re able to fix the things we need to with these guys, it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

- Kentucky football made a local commercial shown during halftime of the Super Bowl.

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