News, Notes & Quotes - Feb. 6

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday February 06, 2017

- Patriots 34, Falcons 28. Here are some Super Bowl stats for you.

Brady/Belichick’s seven Super Bowl appearance together have been decided by a total of 26 points.

The Patriots’ average of margin of victory in their five Super Bowl wins is 3.8 points. This six-point win was their largest margin, and it came in the first overtime Super Bowl.

The Patriots ran 93 plays, and the Falcons ran 46. Super Bowl teams are now 16-1 when they hold the ball for at least 35 minutes.

The Patriots’ longest play went 28 yards.

The 25-point comeback win was the biggest in Super Bowl history. The previous record was 10 points.

Brady’s 63 passing attempts, 43 completions and 442 passing yards were Super Bowl records.

Twelve of the last 13 Super Bowl winners wore white jerseys in the game. The Falcons picked red. Maybe they shouldn’t have. (Packers in 2011 won in green)

The NFL MVP has reached the Super Bowl eight times since 2000, and has lost each time. Matt Ryan has joined that list with Cam Newton, Peyton Manning (twice), Tom Brady, Shaun Alexander, Rich Gannon and Kurt Warner.

- Trent Dilfer blasted the Falcons for their aggressive play-calling late.

That included a pass on 3rd-and-1 that resulted in a strip sack, and passing the ball when in field goal range up 8, resulting in a sack, hold and punt.

“Being aggressive is like the vogue thing in sports,” Dilfer said on ESPN. “‘Let’s be aggressive, let’s go for 2, let’s go for fourth down, let’s shoot a bunch of 3s, let’s swing for the fences.’ It’s really cool. It makes you laugh when it works. It also makes you cry. Tonight, that’s what we saw. We saw a team in the Falcons, they relied on that mantra of staying aggressive, when actually wisdom and discernment and calmness and being conservative would have won them the game.

“3rd-and-1, don’t take a seven-step drop. Just don’t do it. That’s what leads to the strip sack. After the Julio catch, run, run, run, 39-yard field goal (and) Patriots use their timeouts. You’re not going to lose an 11-point lead at that point. I get it, you want to play aggressive and impress your guys, but it made you cry this time.”

- Since Signing Day, six college coaches have jumped to the NFL.

That includes Lance Taylor (Stanford to Panthers), Bill Teerlinck (former Nevada assistant to Bills), Eric Yarber (UCLA to Rams), Eric Price (former Tulane assistant to Jaguars), Tim McGarigle (Illinois to Packers) and Torrian Gray (Florida to Redskins).

For assistant coaches, the NFL often means more money, more security and no recruiting. That ain’t bad.

- Mike Gundy admitted he trimmed his mullet for recruiting purposes.

“I cut three inches off during recruiting, because it looked really floppy,” Gundy said last week. “I was kind of embarrassed a little bit, going into those homes. I didn’t know how people would take it.

“But the repercussions from it have been negative from me cutting it. In fact, J.D. King’s mom, when she was here, she said, ‘Coach, if I was you, I wouldn’t have cut your hair. That was your swag.’”

- Boston College signed several high school quarterbacks to play different positions, and Steve Addazio looks for that.

“We just felt that body type, skill set, they are difference makers potentially at those positions,” he said. "… Some quarterbacks, you know they are quarterbacks and some they are a this or a this or a this, but you know they are one of the best athletes in their program and they usually have a lot of football savvy to them.

“I always felt like that was a position that when you have a winner and a leader there, they are going to play somewhere for you now. They can play somewhere.”

- Does a new coach look at old tape or use a clean slate come spring? New Notre Dame offensive coordinator Chip Long has looked at the tape.

“When I first got here I watched every single game from last year multiple times because I wanted to know the personnel, what the issues were and what happened,” he told ND’s official site. “There were a couple of things here and there at unfortunate times, but the kids know how to play. We’ll build a little confidence and that’s going to come with kids getting older.

“You’re already seeing that in the weight room — there’s a good core of older guys, leadership guys, a lot of guys who can run, great length, great size, a lot of good things to work with. It’s exciting. We’ll finish up recruiting and then install the offense and get ‘em rolling."

- Here are some sights and sounds from Cincinnati’s Signing Day.

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