News, Notes & Quotes - Feb. 24

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Friday February 24, 2017

- Willie Taggart is trying to freeze out the beat writer from Oregon’s biggest newspaper.

The Oregonian’s Andrew Greif broke the story of three players’ hospitalization during winter workouts. That led to a one-month suspension for strength coach Irele Oderinde. Taggart spoke to Oregon’s student newspaper and took exception with the description of military-style training, even though that description came from anonymous sources in the program.

Taggart and Greif spoke before publication, with Taggart saying he said it wasn’t malicious or “military-style,” but Greif said Taggart didn’t say that. Nevertheless, Taggart didn’t hold back in his feelings, saying he won't speak to Greif.

“When you’re not fair and honest, then to me that’s personal,” Taggart told The Daily Emerald. “When you do something that’s negative and it’s going to be personal, then I won’t have shit to do with you.”

Regardless if Taggart feels he’s in the right, cutting out a part of the media never looks good. Taggart wants a correction or apology. Greif said that’s not going to happen. Between the hospitalization of the players and David Reaves’ DUI arrest and dismissal, it’s been a rocky start for Taggart, and now he’s adding more to that.

- Mark Richt needs a new starting quarterback, and he’s not happy that he didn’t find a backup in the fall.

“I think about it a lot,” Richt said on WQAM. “I told all the guys that were behind Kaaya, I would like to see someone beat him out, but no one did that. This second-team position is huge. Somebody could have been in the seat waiting to be the No. 1 guy going into spring. That never happened. I never saw one guy separate themselves.

“Does that mean it’s a bad thing? Not necessarily. We might have three or four guys that are pretty good and I can’t tell which is which. But the bottom line is it could have been more settled if someone truly established themselves as the No. 2 last year. Now we have not only the guys coming back, but we’ve got (freshmen coming in). My guess is it’ll be two scrimmages into camp before we decide who’s going to start the first game.”

- Florida has released some images of its plans for a standalone football facility, and it includes… holographic training (??) We'll have to see what that ends up looking like.

- Longtime NFL executive Michael Lombardi has 4 rules of advice for teams in free agency

1. Then is then, now is now — meaning don’t overpay for washed up players.

2. Don’t be Lucy — meaning don’t get distracted by the brightest light; focus on your harshest needs.

3. Behave like Mike McDermott — meaning know the poker bluffs and tells from agents and other teams.

4. Scout inside out, not outside-in — meaning don’t find the best players; find the players that fit you bet. The Patriots personify this.

- Ohio State produced a detailed look at its “Real Life Wednesdays,” helping players with careers outside of football, including top executives speaking to the team.

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