News, Notes & Quotes - Feb. 20

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Monday February 20, 2017

- Spring practice is already underway.

Hawaii begins practice today. Schools that have already begun spring ball include Appalachian State, Arizona, Duke, Illinois, Oregon State and Toledo. 

More schools have moved up spring practice to continue the work from the fall and winter, as well as give more time for lifting and injury recovery in the late spring and summer.

- Will there be a breaking point when it comes to officials penalizing more coaches for unsportsmanlike conduct?

This past season was the first in which two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties would result in a coach’s ejection. But there wasn’t a single ejection in FBS or FCS, even if it could have happened. One anonymous college officiating coordinator questioned if an official will ever actually do it.

“Nobody wants to be the first to do it. It will be huge news,” the anonymous official told CBS Sports. “I’ve told our guys, ‘If a coach makes you do that, then you’ve just got to do it.’”

CBS asked officials about coaches who get on the refs the hardest. The results: Dabo Swinney, Jimbo Fisher, Pat Narduzzi, Jim Harbaugh, Bret Bielema, Nick Saban, Dana Holgorsen, Dan Mullen and Jim Mora.

- Brad Stevens’ message to the NBA East All-Star team was to recognize the impact they have on kids. ESPN’s Chris Forsberg tweeted Stevens’ pregame speech:

“It’s an honor for us to be here and we appreciate the opportunity to be here with you guys. I get asked all the time about, ‘What inspired you to get into coaching? And what inspired you to want to do this?’ And the truth of the matter is nobody is inspired to get into coaching, it just means we weren’t good enough players.

“And ultimately, the people that inspired me as a kid were the Reggie Millers, were the Larry Birds, were the Magic Johnsons, the Michael Jordans of our era — the guys that are sitting in your shoes. And so I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to share the day with you. And also I recognize the fact of what you mean to those kids.”

- The Louisiana high school coach who revealed he banned Alabama from campus was dismissed from his coaching job.

Parkway High School coach David Feaster said last week that he didn’t want Alabama on campus after they backtracked on an offer to Brandon Harris a few years ago. After that came out, the school made a change.

"Most people are going to say 'Feaster just ran his mouth,' but (Parkway) made it clear to me why they fired me," Feaster told The Shreveport Times. "They can say what they want to about Alabama, but (Bates) cited me for insubordination. He said, 'You should have checked with me before you banned Alabama.'

"I said, 'That was four years ago, you weren't even the principal here.' But he said I brought so much negative publicity to the school I had to go."

Feaster later told Bleacher Report’s Matt Hayes: "I guess Nick Saban won this round."

- ESPN basketball analyst and former coach Fran Fraschilla shared a good message in a tweet about losing your job.

“Coaches: When you get fired, your acquaintances won't care. Your friends will call out of courtesy. True friends will keep checking on you.”

- Tom Herman took a few shots at the culture he’s inherited at Texas.

The narrative of Charlie Strong’s tenure was that he inherited an empty cupboard, got rid of the players who caused problems, but didn’t get the results on the field. Every new head coach says he’s changing the culture, but Herman was somewhat detailed in (another) Sports Illustrated behind-the-scenes story.

“There’s no secret offense or secret defense, and they just didn’t have it,” Herman told SI. “It’s a cultural accountability, hard work issue. It’s not a talent issue. Kansas doesn’t have better players than Texas, and Kansas didn’t call better plays than Texas when they beat them last year. It’s how they played, why they play.”

Herman said there were 3 missed tutor sessions and 38 missed meals, so Herman took away some gear.

“It’s been a culture where if somebody is messing up in academics, well let’s go yell at the academics guy,” Herman said. “If someone isn’t making weight, let’s go yell at the nutritionist. If a guy isn’t lifting enough, let’s go yell at the strength coach.”

- Here’s a highlight video from Oregon State’s first spring practice of the weekend.

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