News, Notes & Quotes - Feb. 16

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Thursday February 16, 2017

- Georgia finally opened its indoor practice facility — becoming the last SEC school to do so.

UGA fans can partially thank Jeremy Pruitt for publicly pushing it so hard. It’s part of several upgrades Kirby Smart needs, including announced plays for updated locker rooms and the addition of a recruiting area. The Dawgs were quite far behind their rivals.

“I certainly think we’re always playing a little catch-up when it comes to the people in our conference,” Smart told reporters. “A lot of the teams in the (SEC) West, obviously, have had these venues. I think most of the places I’ve been at stadiums they have a recruiting room or a place to host recruits. So we want to try to catch up to that. But we also want to go beyond them. We want to do a better job and have a nice place for our player’s gameday locker room.”

- A Louisiana high school coach won’t let Alabama recruit at his school.

No, it’s not a rivalry thing. That’s a big school to cut out. Parkway High School head coach David Feaster told ESPN Radio Baton Rouge that Alabama isn’t allowed because they gave former Parkway (and now former LSU) QB Brandon Harris an uncommitable offer and later backed off on a commitable offer.

It’s not clear if this is new (since Harris left a few years ago), but it was notable this week when Feaster was on the radio to talk about Harris transferring from LSU. This happens from time to time in recruiting. Lane Kiffin was once banned from a Florida school while he was Tennessee head coach.

"I don't want them on campus," Feaster told ESPN Radio Baton Rouge. "I don't want them making those kind of offers to the rest of my guys. My guys know they can go to Alabama. (Five-star receiver Terrace) Marshall has been to Alabama a couple of times watching ball games. If he wants to go to Alabama, then he can go and I'm going to pull for him, no doubt. I'm just not going to help Alabama recruit my guys."

- Gary Andersen describes the goal of Oregon State’s offense as “softening” the opposing defense.

Anderson joined The Bald Faced Truth and talked about spreading the field and using speed, but it’s the physical play that makes the difference.

“As much as we want to be a physical team that punishes you in the run game, our goal is to wear you out as the game goes on,” he said. “That’s something we’re going to be prideful of and continue to be prideful of. We call it ‘the softening process.’ We want you to get softer as the game goes on, period. If that happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. It’s going to be our MO. But we also know we need to throw the football.”

“How many times are you going to get pounded before you cave? That’s the question. Some times in our league won’t. They keep fighting and throwing blows. Our goal is to soften you up and make you not want to be there.”

- The coaching life: Rob Sale is on his fourth job in four years.

Sale was McNeese State’s offensive line coach from 2012-14, before going to Georgia in 2015. Then Mark Richt was let go, and Sale landed at Louisiana-Monroe. Now Sale has joined Arizona State as offensive line coach.

It’s the second OL hire for Todd Graham, who initially hired Josh Henson from Oklahoma State, before Henson went back as a full-time coach. Now Sale comes over as one of four new assistants on staff.

"I'm very proud of the coaching staff that we have assembled at ASU and they will be under the leadership of two excellent coordinators in Billy Napier and Phil Bennett,” Graham said in a release. "It speaks volumes about ASU on how we are perceived nationally by other programs in being able to attract top-flight coaching talent."

Bennett joined ASU from Baylor, and ASU says it fully vetted Bennett with regards to the sexual assault scandal. Bennett hasn’t been named in a lawsuit, and ASU has stood by him.

"I just know what I experienced there, that's all I can talk about," Bennett told ESPN. "I'm trying to move to the future. Right now, anything you say stirs it up."

- Here’s Mike Gundy in a wrestling singlet, and, uh…

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