News, Notes & Quotes - Feb. 1

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Wednesday February 01, 2017

- Lane Kiffin has already upset a prominent local high school coach.

Miami-Booker T. Washington High School coach Tim Harris tells FAUOwlAccess that Kiffin ignored a player at the school who was long committed to FAU, so Harris wouldn’t discuss more players with Kiffin. Now the player is expected to go to an FCS school.

“Unfortunately, this is a rocky one we are starting of with,” Harris told the site. “Not saying it can’t get fixed, but it didn’t start well.”

If you recall, Kiffin was once famously banned from another high school in Florida when he was Tennessee’s head coach.

- Rex Ryan opened up on his Bills tenure and his future with the New York Daily News.

"I set the expectations too high," Ryan said of the Bills. "Like, boy, that's a shock. In a way, I felt, why not us? I stepped in where the head coach had quit, the defensive coordinator quit and the quarterback quit on them. So, I thought that it was important at the time to say, 'You know what? Shoot, I believe in you. And I'm proud to be the coach here.' Every bit of that was true… I wanted to be there. And I wanted to win. And I thought I could win."

Ryan says he’s not interested in defensive coordinator jobs, and he’s not looking for just any head coaching job. The buyout helps that feeling. TV may be future.

"The one thing about (being on TV) is that you don't lose," Ryan said. "You'll remember every damn loss. But the wins? You don't necessarily remember. So, it takes a lot out of you. I'm tired of getting f**ked. Unless it's a real situation, there's no sense of getting into it again."

- Missouri is fundraising for a new end zone facility.

This week, they received their eighth seven-figure gift for the project, which is in the planning and development phase. Here’s a look at the possible design.

- Speaking to high school coaches at the USA Football conference last week, Gruden emphasized that they recruit non-football players at their schools more.

“I noticed in Tampa where I live there’s a lot of recruiting going on now in high school. There’s high school coaches that are recruiting 7th- and 8th- and 9th-grade kids,” Gruden said. “I’m not trying to police anything — you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. But I want to challenge everybody in here today: recruit your own high school. Yes?

“Go in those classrooms and get kids off their butt and get them out to play football. Only you can do it, and you’d be shocked how many kids that I have touched personally, and their families, by just showing interest in them, we got them out to play. Will you please promise that you’ll try to get some kids at your own school to come out and play — even if you keep getting shut out? Do that.”

- With Matt House promoted to defensive coordinator at Kentucky, Colorado defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot dropped an impressive stat.

“That now makes 3 years in a row a defensive assistant from my staff has become a Defensive Coordinator. Proud of y'all!,” he tweeted.

Along with House, that includes Andy Buh becoming Maryland defensive coordinator in 2016 and Craig Naivar becoming Houston co-defensive coordinator in 2015.

- Watch Big 12 coaches describe their strangest recruiting stories

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