News, Notes & Quotes - Aug. 5

Posted by: Chris Vannini on Friday August 05, 2016

*Days until the Hall of Fame Game: 3... Days until Cal vs. Hawaii in Australia: 22.

- Matt Rhule needs veteran assistants on a staff. It can't just be all young guys.

At Temple, Defensive coordinator Phil Snow and offensive line coach George DeLeone each have at least 40 years of coaching under their belts.

“They’re necessary. They’re so valuable to me, because not just their football knowledge, but their work ethic and focus on teaching,” Rhule said on ESPN’s Championship Drive podcast. “A lot of times now, what I’m seeing with young coaches is they come in, they're great at recruiting, they’re great at tweeting, all these things that are necessary now, but the true function of coach is, can he teach? Can he teach different personalities? That’s what those guys are.

“They’re some of the best in the country at it, and they’ve taught some of our younger coaches what it really means to be a coach.”

- You hear people say effort doesn’t take talent. John Harbaugh says those intangibles are talent.

Speaking about wide receiver Kamar Aiken, Harbaugh said this week, “He’s a guy that gets the most out of every ounce of his ability, and that’s not to take away and say he’s not talented because he is talented. His gifts are strength, and then he’s got all of the intangible gifts of toughness — toughness is a talent. Persistence is a talent. Overcoming adversity is a talent. This guy plays strong to the ball. He runs great routes, he’s a great blocker, and just has made himself into a really good football player.”

- Todd Orlando is figuring out how to use 5-star defensive tackle Ed Oliver, and it starts with him understanding his competition. 

“That’s the biggest thing with any young guy that comes in highly-rated. You don’t want that kid to go on the field and be analyzing and trying to figure things out schematically or technically, and you look at him and golly, he’s really not as advertised,” Orlando said. “That’s what we’ve been working with Ed.

“I sat down with him last week and kind of explained to him, ‘These are going to be the pitfalls when you go into camp. You’re not going to line up and just whoop everybody’s tail. You’ve got to make sure you keep your composure and stay ahead of the install.’ That’s the biggest thing, so when he gets on that field, it’s not overbearing in terms of the corrects he gets and he puts himself out of position or he gets knocked back when there’s no way this guy should knock him back, because he’s overprocessing.”

- Pat Narduzzi is thinking about three-running-back sets with the depth he has this year.

James Conner is coming back from a battle with cancer, Rachid Ibrahim is coming back from an Achilles injury, but Narduzzi also likes the guys behind them, too, and what new OC Matt Canada can do with them.

“Coach Canada’s philosophy is to get as many athletes on the field in your best 11,” Narduzzi said on 93.7 The Fan. “You could see a set where we have three tailbacks on the field at the same time. How would you like to tackle James on a bubble out there? With Darrin Hall and Qadree Ollison … It’s a talented group back there.”

- Pete Carroll wants his players to speak out and be aggressive, but he’ll still kick players out of practice.

Defensive tackle Michael Bennett made headlines recently for calling out NFL players not speaking on social issues. In Thursday’s practice, Bennett got into a scuffle, and Carroll booted him. That’s not unusual for a football training camp, but Carroll wants the intensity to be focused.

"(The team's passion is) translating into sometimes we lose a little bit of the poise that we need," Carroll said, per "We can't play like that. You get in a skirmish, you get thrown out. That's what happens. So that happened today. And that's just the way you do it, the way we do it."

- Chad Morris doesn’t agree with the analytic notion that turnovers are random. He told Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody that you coach turnovers.

“Absolutely. 100 percent. It’s an attitude. It’s a mentality. Absolutely,” he said. “I can tell you how we do it. There are times that you’re in great position, you’ve got the ball secured perfect and it still gets out because of hat-on-a-ball placement. Those are rare, but most everything you look at on a turnover — this part of a study I’ve done. Every turnover we’ve ever done in the last six years I’ve got documented and a paragraph on every one. Very, very, very few, the ball is high and tight, helmet gets on it. It’s usually when a kid falls and he pulls the ball away, the ball gets punched out.

“From a defensive standpoint, teaching our players how to punch through the ball, how to swat the ball. Yes.”

- Despite having the fewest returning starters in the entire country (6), Ohio State is still a preseason top 5 team.

We showed last week that returning starters don't mean anything, and the poll is a statement to Urban Meyer’s reputation, and there’s never a shortage of talent at OSU.

Meyer is 50-4 in four years at OSU, with two of the losses against Michigan State.

- Here’s an inside look at Hawaii’s first camp under Nick Rolovich.

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